Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Things to Smile About This Month

Had a rough month? Had a wonderful month? No matter what kind of month, you can always look back and find 10 things that made you smile.  Join me the last Tuesday of every month for 10 Things to Smile About This Month.  (#10Things)  Linky will be open for two weeks so plenty of time to join in.

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Ten Things to Smile About in September

1. Our weekend getaway to Big Bear Lake

2. Football season and my cougars are undefeated!

3. My new iPhone
My new one is the one in the middle
4. This picture- makes me smile and creeps me out all at the same time

5. Good hair days

6. It's fall! And we actually had a few days of fall weather to match it... just a few, it is hot again, but hey it's trying.

7. Alex kicking butt at soccer this season, plus she is on a team where there are several parents that I really have fun talking with at practice, a nice bonus.
All ready to play goalie
8. The Epic letter Lucas wrote at the beginning of the month- see it here.

9. This fun photo shoot and the location, a photographer's heaven!
A behind the scene shot- me in action- you can see a few of the pictures in yesterday's post
10.  This note from Alex's teacher- that accompanied the one saying she has chosen as student of the month from her class.

What are you 10 Things for the month?  Linky will be open for 2 weeks, so plenty of time to link up.


  1. Those are all such great things to smile about! That shark is really neat - sharp teeth, yikes! My good hair days are so far and few between :D

  2. Your hair looks really nice! Now the secret please :). Yeah for Alex!! And I'd so love to go to that place you went on a mini vacay to!

  3. Looks like some pretty great times for September. It's always nice to get those kinds of notes about your kids!

  4. Sharks freak me out - look at those teeth!! Yikes!!
    Such a sweet note from the teacher - it's so nice when they reach out like that!

  5. I WISH I could ever be so lucky to have hair like yours. It's beautiful! Your kids seem very sweet. :)

  6. Nice hair :) and yay for fall!

    1. Thank you! I really need to spend more time on my hair more often :)

  7. I really should do this sometime... I love your 10 things! Especially your hair and your girl's cute freckles and well ALL OF IT! :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, you totally should join in! Linky is open for a while still :)

  8. Love the cute hair! What a sweet note from Alex's teacher. That would totally make my day too.

    1. Yes, you always hope your kids are behaving and being nice in school, so it definitely makes it so nice to hear.

  9. Your weekend getaway looks like such fun! Love your hair- I can't believe how long it is! Gorgeous!