Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Son is Humble

Every Thursday Kmama and I used to do Proud Mommy Moments, where we shared both the proud and the "proud" moments in motherhood.  While we are not resurrecting that meme at this time, I do have a proud mommy moment to share.

For school, Lucas is supposed to write a little note or letter to Eric and I every month.  Last week, we got his first letter.

As it may be a little hard to read, I will type it below:

Dear Mom and dad,
  The first month in fourth grade was awesome.  This year I've learned algebra, about CA's regions and that I have a awesome teacher.  My favorite thing I learned was algebra. It was my favorite because it was easy. (Everything was easy)
  Although I learned a lot, I struggled with, (drum roll in the background) nothing!  I struggled with nothing because I'm awesome. (And everything was easy)  I could use your support on homework. (A.K.A "stink work")
   I'm really proud of getting an A+ on most of my grades.  I worked really hard to get good grades.  I'm proud because I like good grades.  I love you a lot.

    Lucas (a.k.a. Super Lukenator)

I have to admit- I laughed and giggled through the whole thing.  My favorite party is the 'drum roll in the background'.  And oh, his humility, is totally amazing, don't you think?

Do you have any 'proud' mommy moments this week?


  1. i laughed last night when my daughter came home and she said they wrote in their journals about what they were excited about coming back to school - her response - to see her teacher! LOL - im like, you sucky butt...but her teacher is the same from last year but ended up taking the year off after a sports related accident with her son, so she was happy to see her back this year!!

  2. Oh that letter is too funny! What a wonderful letter that Lucas wrote :D

  3. Lucas makes me laugh and laugh.

  4. Oh my gosh, too cute. If he doesn't get an A on this letter his teacher has no sense of humor :)

  5. I had a proud moment with our oldest......surely you saw it on fb. Side note: Don't you love their handwriting? So sweet.

  6. Hahaha! That is awesome! Kids are hilarious and his humility is awe inspiring. ;) but seriously, how awesome is he? To understand the importance of good grades and hard work?! I am glad it is easy for him as math has always been my Achilles heel.