Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Alarming Tantrum

Sunday night as we were ready for bed about to turn the light off, I sighed saying "Oh Monday", my husband who's work schedule has been insanely busy lately, questioned what I really had to complain about, as well let's be honest, life is pretty good and in some ways pretty easy right now.

I am past the diaper stage, not yet to the pre-teen moody stage and all of my kids are doing good in school.   I am trying to enjoy it and be grateful for it, as I have been a parent long enough to know that every stage changes, sometimes too quickly.

I just didn't think it would happen today.

I awoke this morning before my alarm, a bad dream about Alex disappearing in a mall woke me early.  I shook off the dream and went about my morning routine, morning prayers, bathroom, getting dressed, sharing my blog post from the day on-line.

I got Lucas' clothes then went to Alex's room.  Her light was on but the door was closed.  I knocked then opened the door.  She was sitting on her bed reading her scriptures.  I couldn't be more proud and commended her on what a wonderful way to start the day.

I went down stairs to find Lucas where I do every morning, my early riser who is always up before me, playing Minecraft.

"Good morning Lucas" I greeted.
"I'm not going to school today." he returned.
"What why?"
"Because of the disaster drill."

Today there was a scheduled district wide disaster drill, which would include the kids sitting outside for almost an hour while their classrooms were saved or swept or who knows why... just part of the drill.  For the past week he had been saying off handily that he was not going to school on Monday because of this.
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"You should be happy, it means sitting around for an hour not having to do work." I said totally baffled as to why this wouldn't be appealing to any kid.

He held his ground.  Insisting that he was not going to school.  I tried to talk and reason with him but all I got back was an "I'm not going."

Now at this point in the story there are a couple options.  One- for me to lose it and pull out my best mean mamma yelling and insisting he go (which yes sadly does happen from time to time), or for me to remember I am the adult and I do not need to be manipulated or controlled by my 9-year-old.

"Fine." I finally said after unsuccessfully trying to change his mind. "If that is your choice to stay home, then you can but you will be in your room all day except for meals and to go to the bathroom and you will lose all screen privileges for one week. So that is your choice, but you know your consequences."

He still held firm.  I continued to pack lunches, pack bags, reminding him every few minutes that we were leaving in 10, then 5, then 2 more minutes.  Finally with one minute to go he got dressed, still crying that he was not going to school.  I asked if he would like to grab some breakfast to eat in the car.  He insisted he was not going still.

I calmly walked out the garage with my two children who I really liked a little more at the moment and we got in the car.  Lucas than quickly ran out to the car joining us.

He didn't say much for the first part of the trip but soon was talking with Alex and Ryder, much more calm and settled.

We got to school without incident and he got out without a fight.  I told him I was glad he made the right choice.

So yes, yesterday morning he went to school without any breakfast, but he went to school and I stayed calm.

When I picked him up from school, he immediately confessed to being "rather silly" that morning and said they didn't even ring the loud fire bell as part of the drill (the reason he didn't want to go), he said he was glad he went and apologized for how he acted that morning.

For now, I am grateful again.  Grateful for the easy stage of life we are in right now, the calm, the peace.

Oh wait, I've got to go Alex and Ryder are fighting.


  1. Mornings like that are tough. How great that he apologized, though.

    1. Yes, I was very happy he did and as soon as he got in the car, made me feel like, okay he actually learned something.

  2. Ugh mornings are so difficult, but awesome how you stayed calm. I don't think I would have. =)

  3. What a great way for you to go about things! I like that you said okay, that's fine but there will be consequences for your actions. What a perfect way to handle this situation!

  4. Well done, mama. You held your ground and gave him good options. You inspire me!