Thursday, September 25, 2014

Don't Forget to Knock on Wood

I don't remember why it came up, what odd conversation my kids were having to bring up the subject of throw-up, but it did.  Alex was claiming she never threw up in her bed in her life; I assured her she has at some point,  I just couldn't remember the exact details.  Those aren't the kinds of memories of motherhood that you cherish.
  Then I commented saying Lucas was the one who has gotten sick the most over the years and she and Ryder hardly ever.

I forgot to knock on wood.

Last night, I climbed into bed shutting my eyes tightly.  You see it was extra dark and the house noises seemed extra loud as Eric was out of town.  Funny how much darker it seems when he is gone.

Thankfully, my racing heart seemed to quickly settle down and before I knew it I was asleep.

"Mommy" I heard a little cry waking me from my sleep.  I hit the home button on my phone, the time illuminating, 11:30.  "Mommy"

I ran into Ryder's room, he had gotten sick.... thrown up, while in his bed.   He wasn't done yet though, I promptly proceeded to catch the rest in my hands.   When he was done, I told him I would be right back and ran off to dispose the vomit.

I came back and changed his clothes and bedding and tucked him back into bed.

"Mommy, Mommy"  his voice woke me from my sleep again.  5:30 A.M.  Oh thank goodness he had made it almost all night.

I hurried into his room, "my blanket fell off." he said sleepily.  I recovered him and he was back asleep.  This morning when he woke at 6:30 he was all smiles and seems perfectly fine.

So the moral of this story, if you talk about the fact that it has been a really long time since anyone has thrown up in their bed, make sure you knock on wood.


  1. poor buddy - i can't handle puke at all...worse thing ever and KNOCK ON WOOD, my kids haven't been sick as in puking very much, I can only recall Maddy doing it once and I was sleeping in bed with her, so yea, not a good outcome and then Tanner once and it was horrible, at least maddy's age knows to run to the bathroom, a one year old, not too much!

  2. Awe, poor guy! I can handle to kids puking, even the projectile kind, but if it's the dog which it usually is because she has such a sensitive stomach, I'm gaging right along with her! At least its usually at home and not in the car - knock on wood ;)

  3. I totally believe in the concept of knocking on wood! I do it all the time! It helps me remember to not take things for granted, and somehow, I think it actually helps. I'm glad he's better!

  4. Never, never say things like that. A few weeks ago my husband had the nerve to say he can't believe our daughter hasn't gone to the ER yet. If looks could kill..... When it happens I fully blame him and that silly comment. Hope your day is better and no one else gets sick.

  5. Oh, yuck! That's so terrible. :( I'm glad it was over quick, though! It figures that would happen when you're the only parent home....

  6. Dang... that sucks! And I'm not sure how you didn't lose it catching the vomit in your hands. I guess that's something about motherhood!

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