Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple, U2 and 9-11

Yesterday while watching the announcement about the new iPhone, it was exciting to see U2 perform.  It was made even sweeter when their new album was free to download that day in honor of the announcement.  It made me think back many years ago, it was my birthday.  Eric told me he had a surprise for me but we had to hurry.  He made me close my eyes, took me out the car than drove somewhere.

I had no idea where we were going as I was being a good girl and not peeking.  We parked and he had me hop on his back and carried me for what seemed like a very long way.  After I bit I could tell by the light and sound that we had entered a building.  We went down some stairs and he sat me down in a chair and told me I could open my eyes.

We were in a computer lab on BYU's campus where we were both students at the time.  I wondered what in the world we were doing there.  He told me that my birthday present was tickets to the U2 concert but we had to hurry and buy them from someone online.  I was ecstatic!

As I thought back to this memory, I couldn't help but laugh at how much things have changed.  We had a computer in our apartment but didn't have Internet, buying things on-line was really a pretty new thing.

In some ways things were a lot more simple, it was just Eric and I in our little one bedroom apartment.

The same apartment that just a month before I sat glued to the couch, unable to take my eyes off the news that kept replaying the Twin Towers collapsing.  It was unimaginable, unthinkable.  How did this happen? Why did this happen?

There was no twitter, no Facebook, not really even many new sites on-line.... so there I sat, starring at the T.V.  Nothing new was really being said, just a lot of the same speculations over and over, yet I couldn't turn it off.  I couldn't believe what had happened.

I will never forget that day.   As the world changes, as technology advances at blinding speed, some things should never change.

The American pride and honor and our willingness to fight and defend our country should never change.  As our country seems to be changing, even changing into something that is forgetting what this country was founded on- we cannot forget.  We cannot forget this day, how it made us feel, how it united us, how it helped us remember everything good that this country stands for.  And we need to fight, fight with our vote, fight with our voice, fight by teaching our children to work hard and be self sufficient not relying on the the government or handouts.

We cannot forget.


  1. I can't imagine anyone ever forgetting what happen on 9-11.

  2. What's sad to think is our kids will only know 9/11 because of history books (or us telling them obviously). But I don't think I'll ever forget how I felt. I woke up annoyed that morning and was completely in shock only minutes after I woke up. It's crazy. I can still vaguely hear Tom Brokaw's voice which wasn't something you heard in the morning hours...