Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Peer Pressure To Stop Bullying

This last Sunday I taught my son's Primary class (Sunday School).  I was happy to sub as they are a good group of kids.  A group of 9 and 10 years old who are kind, considerate and even made sure the games we played at the end of class were fair.  There is one lone girl in the class and all of the boys are kind and polite to her.
   I taught about Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon, and how when he became king, he gave into the peer pressure of his peers, following their advice, ultimately leading to the division of the tribes of Israel.   I talked about how peer pressure can be used for both good and bad.  Tried to help them realize that they can be the one to take the lead, to help lead others to good and kindness, to lead others to playing fair and doing right.  They can use their influence for good.
  In a world of instant gratification, of changing morals and everyone wanting to get ahead and be the best, it will not be an easy journey.
  But they can be the voice of good, if they are only taught, taught who they are, taught the worth of all human beings, taught that not only should they never tease or bully but they can the stop the teasing and bullying around them with their influence of good.
   I absolutely love this video about bullying, and while it is a little long, I think it is so important to watch and to share.  I wish they would share it in schools everywhere.

Have you ever had an experience with a bully?

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  1. This video breaks my heart! I hate bullying and I live in dread of the day one if my precious children is bullied. I was at church as a teen. The girls made a voodoo doll of me. It was hard, but luckily I didn't care about them as I had a very good group of friends at school, so it didn't effect me much aside from not wanting to go to church or activities.