Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kids Cry For No Reason

You ever see one of those picture a parent posts of their child crying?  Did you think, why aren't they comforting them, why are they taking a picture?
Picture from here
Well you see with kids, sometimes they just really do seem to cry for absolutely no reason or over completely ridiculous things and all you can really do is take a picture.

Last week Ryder was watching an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (think total copy of Mr, Roger's Neighborhood just with an animated kid tiger).  He was happily watching while I sat near by editing newborn pictures.  The show ended and he burst into tears, full on sobbing. "It's not fair! Why can't I have a guitar?" he cried.

"What?" I asked fully perplexed.  Never in his life, all four years of it, had he asked for a guitar.  Never even mentioned he wanted one.  He had occasionally strummed the strings on Eric's guitar but nothing.

I said "why are you crying about this, you have never even asked for one?" even stating that maybe he could get a little one for Christmas.

He proceeded to cry about it for the next twenty minutes.

Me, while I didn't take a picture, I sure did giggle.  Sometimes kids really do cry over the funniest things.


  1. So many giggles here too...Ryder cracked me up!

  2. Yep they sure do. Son was about three when out of the blue he started crying for no apparent reason other then to cry.

  3. I'm sorry I giggled right here... does that make me a bad person? He's never asked for one but cried because he wanted one? I love it...

  4. Hahaha! So funny! There is a Huffington Post article about that very same thing. Mothers took pictures of their crying kids with a caption as to why they were crying. So so funny!

  5. Lol, now if he does get one for Christmas he will probably forget that he wanted it in the first place. Piglet cried the other day for 10 minutes because I wouldn't let him play with the toilet brush. True story! I'm the meanest mommy ever!