Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five: Knotts and Waves

I can't believe another week has passed by, time really does fly!  It is Friday though, so it is time for Friday Five (#Friday5)  Come share 5 Thoughts and 5 Pictures from the week.  Oh and also, don't forget since it is the end of the month, you can also join in 10 Things to Smile About this Month.

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5 Thoughts

1. Eric and I finished watching Prison break last week.  We had never seen it but this summer started watching the entire series on Netflix.  Totally loved it, but now almost feel lost like what should we watch now that it is over?  Though football is starting today and soon our fall shows will start, so I think we will survive.

2. Saturday we went to Knotts Berry Farm for Eric's work party, and while we had a great time, I think everyone felt ready to go home.  I think we are still a little over it after going 14 times or so the previous year when we had passes.

3. If you ever need to get a hold of me- don't even bother on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are my crazy days of helping in the classroom, homework, scouts and now soccer.  I've given up on getting anything done on a Tuesday.

4. Today Ryder and I were playing a little game of basketball with his small mini indoor hoop. I was blocking him, with my arms out, legs spread apart. After he realized he couldn't get around me, he just ducked and went right under my legs.  He was quite proud of himself for that one.

5. The waves are crazy here in California right now, thanks to a hurricane way off shore, watching the videos of them is just crazy. I know I could barely handle the big waves we had a couple of weeks ago, I cannot imagine trying to go on waves like these ones.

5 Pictures
Riding one of the small coasters in Camp Snoopy
They did like trying out the new rides that have been installed since we had passes
My bean bag blanket stand in action, pre-photo shoot 
My studio (i.e. living room) post newborn photo shoot
Ryder with all his animals in bed
Join me in sharing your Friday 5.


  1. You don't have season passes now? I thought you did. It seems crazy to me that there are hurricanes in the Pacific. I still wish I lived near the beach though :).

  2. I've got Knotts Berry Farm on my bucket list. It looks like such a cute place. Of course if I ever get to California, I probably will just live on the beach and not visit anywhere!

  3. I remember Knots Berry Farm. I was maybe 6 when I went last, but I vividly remember panning for gold of all things. It's been a while since I was there. I would love to take the boys there, but if we get back to California, Disney will probably be on our destination list, as would Lego land for my Lego obsessed boys.

  4. I've heard such great things about Prison Break but have yet had a chance to check it out. We LOVED Knotts as a kid, and hope to bring our kids there one day. Thanks for hosting!

  5. That is quite the set up you have there for the newborn shoot. I find the couple of done were exhausting, but worth it. :) And I know what you mean about a finishing a series like that... it's kind of a let down! have a great holiday weekend!

  6. Ryder makes me laugh. So clever!

  7. Prison Break is the BEST!!!!!!!! I don't think my husband and I ever missed an episode of the entire season... and that was before Netflix, etc.

  8. Ryder's hair is so glamorous!! love it. I know exactly how you feel about your show series coming to an end. I feel that with books and even more so with tv runs!!