Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'll Be With You

In my church we have a program called Visiting Teaching, two women are assigned to teach and visit with a few other women every month.  The program is wonderful as not only does someone come and share a spiritual message every month, but the hope and design of the program is to help the women be there for each other, so that someone will know if you ever have a need or problem.   I know I have called my visiting teachers many times, including one time when my car battery died and they have come to my rescue.

This week my visiting teachers came by to visit me.  They are both moms like me, one with a few kids (only two not in school now though) and one has just one baby boy.  I actually did newborn shots of each of their youngest boys over a year ago now.

Before they came, I told Ryder some friends were coming over.  When they arrived he was greatly disappointed to see the friends were 1-year-old boys.  However, there was also a little girl who is around three.

I suggested to Ryder that he take her upstairs and show her the toys in the playroom.  She shook her head no, feeling a little shy and not wanting to go.

Ryder then said "Did you know I have a new toy microphone.  I got it for my birthday, it plays music, you might like that."

She again shook her head no.

"It's okay." I assured him, "she is probably just a little shy and wants to stay by her mom."

He then replied, while reaching out his hand "It's okay, I'll be with you."

It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Sadly, she did not take him up on the offer; they did however go outside and play together for a little while.

I so often think of Ryder as my baby, just ask him, I still call him "my baby" to which he of course replies, "I am not a baby, babies' are less than 1!"  but at other times he seems so big.  Oh motherhood.


  1. What a little gentleman! It is so fun to see the sweetness of little boys, before girls get "cooties." I think it gives us a glimps of the potential for the kind of man they will be. That Ryder will be such a great man. You are doing such a wonderful job, Emmy!

  2. Awww what a sweet gentle boy you have there - I'm sure the little girl, although shy, will remember his tender gesture.

  3. That Ryder has such a sweet heart!

  4. Ryder is so darling. What a sweet story!