Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 Things to Smile About in November

Yes, it is already December, yes it is definitely not the last Tuesday of the month, but I forgot 10 things last week, so here it is 10 Things to Smile About in November.  If you already wrote your post, link up today!  And thank you to Jamie of Love Jamie for reminding me I forgot my own meme.

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Ten Things to Smile About in November

1. Awards for both kids at school and amazing parents teacher conferences for both.
Lucas and I after assembly where he got Principle's Honor Roll
2. Seeing my niece perform in the Nutcracker ballet.  She has been in it several years now, but this year was by far the biggest roles she has had.

3.  Alex's soccer team ending the season undefeated!  It was such a great team.

4. Getting our family pictures!  Love this picture of Eric and I (see the rest here)

5. My girl- turning 8, choosing to get baptized (this Saturday) and just for the girl she is.  Even if she is  so loud I sometimes can't hear myself talk.  (See more pictures from this shoot here)

6. Destruction night at the Derby!

7. Photography stuff- good shoots, good clients, and being able to see Lourie a second time this month because of a photo shoot.
Client from a recent shoot- beautiful inside and out
8.   My parents being in town to visit, even if they do beat Eric and I at cards way too often.
Arriving at the airport
9. Thanksgiving!  We had Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's, they totally did all the work (only asked us to bring drinks).  The meal was wonderful and we always have fun together.
A game of ping-pong after Thanksgiving dinner
10. Getting Christmas set up!  We always wait until after Thanksgiving, but the day after (on Alex's birthday) we got it all done!
My snow tree- and my favorite of our three trees

What made you smile in November?  Join in and play along.


  1. How nice that your sister was willing to do all of it!! I bet my sister would be the same way if she knew I was cooking... ;)

    Beautiful shot of the girl on the street! She's so photogenic!

  2. What a great month! I absolutely love your tree (and your photography.) :)

  3. I love your snow tree! I'm dying to get into the Christmas spirit. I always decorate the day after Turkey day too, but we can't decorate til we move next week. I can't wait!

  4. I love your tree and how you set your village up under it. Someday hopefully I'll have an option like that but for now we have one tree and really only room for one tree.

  5. Aww love those shots from your famy photos and congrats to Alex!

  6. I love the baptism photo. Priceless.