Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday 5: Rain and Christmas Ideas

Friday 5 Time!  Come join me in sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. I had two days between company to get caught up on laundry.... insert laughing, crickets, whatever you would like to say yeah, it didn't happen.

2. People keep asking me what I want for Christmas.. I honestly don't know.  I mean, I want a really expensive lens, but I can't think of any real ideas.  What are you asking for for Christmas, I need some ideas?

3. We got rain this week! It was wonderful.  It literally rained all day.  The following day it was supposed to rain all day, it didn't rain at all.. until I was picking up Eric's parents from the airport of course.

4. Ryder's preschool had a field trip this week, it was to see the Nutcracker.  So he and I saw the Nutcracker twice within a week.  This production was a bit different though and he actually did super great watching it both times.

5. I am excited for the Review Extravaganza.  Make sure you check out all the prizes and the rules, so you know how to post; it starts this Monday!

5 Pictures
Yum! My meal at Alex's birthday dinner
Lucas bed- I kind of love that he has a lot of stuffed animals still, it won't last much longer
The day my in-laws showed up, my MIL and Ryder were matching!
About to see the Nutcracker
A few rain clouds sticking around but the rain seems to be gone for now
What is your Friday 5 this week?   Come back Monday and recap January, February, and March for the Review Extravaganza!


  1. I don't know - Lexie's 12 and still keeps a ton of stuffed animals in the bed with her. Maybe that's a girl thing, though?

    So what lens are you wanting? I have a list of camera lenses and accessories I'd like to have, but they're definitely above and beyond Christmas present budgets. :) I'm like you, though, besides that, I don't have a single thing I want! We are content, I guess!

    1. Yeah, I think I had a lot of stuffed animals for a long time too. I am totally fine with it, I just wonder when he will suddenly feel too cool for it.
      I want the 85 mm 1.2. I have the 1.8, which is an awesome lens, but I am just looking to upgrade. Trouble is, it is a $2000 piece of glass. Yeah, yikes.

  2. It sounds like you had a fulfilling yet busy week! I want a camera for Christmas. How can a blogger not have a great camera? This is my first week linking up. Look forward to many more!

    1. Exactly, I have the great camera- as I am also a pro-photographer, but now it is more lenses I am wanting :) So glad you linked up!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! My MIL actually made it, it was a gift after he was baptized. The black and white in it, is to remind him of his choice and the importance of choosing right and the fact that being baptized washed him clean.

  4. That burger looks amazing! I want one. I am torn on things I want for Xmas too. I need Tupperware and a new blender but other than that, no ideas!

  5. I have a few ideas for Christmas but really, they are mostly boring. I want a good waffle maker, I want some superhero t shirts, I'd love a good camera, but I just use my phone mostly, and I just can't think of anything esle I want or need. Christmas is tough.

  6. So glad you guys got some rain. Let me guess though... it didn't make a dent in the drought... darn how that works. Cute that your MIL and Ryder matched.

  7. So... Everything I was going to say was already said. The curse of reading the comments before posting my own. The rain, the matching shirts, the bedspread... Same things I was going to say. :)
    I like you and your blog.
    There. Original thought. At least for this post. Hahahaha!

  8. I was confused because you kept saying you were going to the nutcracker, but now I understand. I love Lucas's bed, looks cozy. And I asked for slippers because I really want some pyrex and new sewing machine bobbins but nobody would really know exactly how to do that so I'll just settle on the slippers. :-)

  9. I am at a loss on my Christmas list too...sigh! I would love a lot of clothes that fit perfectly and love but we know that's not realistic! That burger looks great!