Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five: Blogging, Running and Funny Packages

TGIF!  It's Friday! Join me for Friday 5!  Share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. My in-laws went back home this week, we miss them already.  My kids has a blast, my mother-in-law and Alex made a bunch of the meals and we just had so much fun.

2. Sometimes you get really funny texts... like after my in-laws left, got a text from my FIL, saying: 'I went to eat peanuts on the plane and realized I forgot my teeth.'  He accidentally left a couple of his fake teeth at our house.  I think that might be the most random/bizarre thing I have ever mailed in my life.

3. I cannot believe May is almost over!  (Don't forget to link up 10 Things to Smile About in May) Our summer is going to fly too quickly. Next week my kids start swim lessons; fingers crossed Ryder will put his face in the water this year.

4. I am excited to go to the Elevate blog conference tomorrow!  This will be my third year. Looking forward to seeing friends, making new friends and getting inspired about this whole blogging thing again.  I also won't mind the fact that I will be gone when the painters are here painting the whole downstairs... have fun Eric ;)

5. I actually ran again yesterday!  Alex and I actually went running together.  We ran 1.13 miles. At the end when I was huffing and puffing, she was saying that was so fun and she felt like she could keep going forever.  Time for me to get back in shape.

5 Pictures
My crazy kids went on this three times, me-zero.  
Woke up from my nap to this

What is your Friday 5?


  1. Did I miss it? Did they do any more sewing? I am behind a week. :-( So excited that you ran, that is awesome!!

  2. I giggled at the thought of you mailing those. So is it just a few... not like dentures?

  3. The text from your FIL makes me laugh! My FIL tries to bait me with things like "We had kangaroo for dinner." Looks like you guys had such a lovely spring!