Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An On-Line Dating Story: 3000 Miles to Eternity

Do you love a good dating story? Love learning how people met?

I was given a copy of 3000 Miles to Eternity: A True Internet Love Story by Duane and Selena Pannell to review.

The Book:
Life did not turn out as expected for either Duane or Selena. After a messy divorce and on almost a dare Selena signs up for a singles dating site. She signs up stating it is just for an experiment to be able to find out more about the male species. Duane, intrigued by her profile and feeling pretty safe, as they are 3,000 miles apart begins corresponding with Selena, leading them on a journey neither would ever expect.

My Review: 
This true life story, takes place before on-line dating was a respectable option. This story is told through their actual e-mails and journal entries from this time in their life. Even though you know the outcome of the story (they end up together), it was still fascinating and fun to read to see how it all works out in the end.

It did take me several chapters to really get into the story and then the end felt a little rushed and almost unsatisfying. I felt like I wanted more details of their journey to how actually ended up getting married.  

The couple is LDS and the book does seem to be intended for an LDS audience, however I believe anyone could appreciate their journey.

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How did you meet your significant other?  Would love to hear the story, if you ever blogged about it leave a link to your post! 


  1. That could be a fun book to read.

    I met my boyfriend on...Tinder...

    1. That is awesome! Yes, on-line meeting is definitely not as weird and stigmatized as it used to be

  2. Hallo, Hallo! :)

    I, too, came to find the Pannells via the blog tour, and thus this is how I am visiting you tonight!

    Hmm, I didn't walk away feeling that way on either point: for me I felt it was refreshing how this LDS non-fiction read quite openly to all faith backgrounds, as even though they were sharing their own personal views on religion it was left open to the reader's faith walk because they mentioned several times how important it is to find someone who walks a similar path be what that may be. I liked how they rooted the main message in forgiveness and acceptance of emotional baggage whilst showing how friendship can deepen your connection to someone you weren't expecting to find such a kinetic connection with after sharing your conversations.

    As far as the absence of the marriage, I suppose I was so wrapped up in the story as it was writ I hadn't noticed anything was remiss. It felt very organic to me how it was told and it left the window open to allow the reader to sort out the final details - another reviewer on the tour felt maybe this was to leave an option open to continue the story down the road. They might be onto something, as that would make sense!

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