Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Good and Bad of Vacations

I am currently in that post-vacation slump, so figured it would be the perfect time to ponder about the good and bad of vacations.

The Bad:  Packing.  It really shouldn't seem that bad, it is kind of like putting away laundry just all in one small little place.  Oh wait, I hate putting away laundry, might be why I hate packing so much.

The Good: Having set apart time to spend with your family, knowing that you will all be together.

The Bad: The inevitable moment when someone snaps from all that extra time together.

The Good: Seeing new destinations, having new experiences, learning new things.

The Bad: The havoc these new destinations and new things do to you schedule which really likes to mess with your kids.

The Good: Memories and bonding as a family that will last a lifetime.

The Bad: Unpacking.

So it begins and ends with something I dread, but truly the power of the good, the memories and strength from the good out weighs the bad in the end.

Now if I can just get back into the routine of things.

What do you love and hate about vacations?


  1. This is all so true! Does it get easier as your kids get older?

  2. Hehe... when we go on vacation, I come back to going back to school. Tori does even worse. We'll get back at 9:45 (granted flights are on time) on Tuesday and she starts school Wednesday morning. I start the following Tuesday.

  3. We embrace the packing as part of the anticipation, but it is pretty easy when just two people are traveling as opposed to five. Getting off schedule is hard on kids and parents, though!