Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Five: The Dentist, Soccer and School

Happy Friday everyone!  I am back again with Friday 5- your weekly chance to share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  A great way to wrap up the week and share those little things that don't need a whole post of their own.

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5 Thoughts

1. We finished Parenthood this week, so good!  That show made me laugh, and cry and get mad at times, and cry.  I swear the last season of it made me cry a lot!  Such a great show.

2. Lucas survived a not so fun trip to the dentist.  One of his adult teeth was poking out and growing through and the baby tooth was barely wiggly.  He melted down before we left, I threatened and we all made it; then he was a rock start! Seriously behaved amazingly when they pulled the tooth.

3. Alex had fun at her soccer games this weekend, they tied one game and lost the other but she still enjoyed herself.  She was definitely a little hesitant at first, but in the end did good.  She even played goalie for half of each game, the goals for her division are a whole lot bigger than they used to be.

4. In between Alex's soccer games we even got to go out to lunch with Eric's cousin and his family who live in the city where her games where.  It was so fun to see them and have lunch together... did not take any pictures though, fail!

5. I did my first back to school shopping this week.. it kind of made me want to cry.  I am so not ready for summer to be over.

5 Pictures
They both wanted to be carried.. good thing they have a strong Daddy
Horrible lighting and this was post soccer games for Alex's-- but had to capture Eric's vacation beard before he shaved it off
He was a rock star! 
What is your Friday 5?

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  1. I want a donut please! How can it already be school time? When do your kids start back?