Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Best Beach Vacation

Is it cold and snowy where you are? Do you want to escape the cold for the sun, ocean waves and a beautiful beach?  Growing up in Illinois, I did not see the ocean until right before I graduated from high school. I was amazed and stunned.  Now living in SoCal, I have been able to explore many great beaches.   One of my favorite beaches is definitely Newport Beach, it offers on of the Best Beach Vacations.
If you want to just walk along the beach and see the palm trees and ocean waves

or if you are ready for a full day of playing in the sand and water

The Newport Beaches are some of the prettiest spots to do so.

My family loves Corona Del Mar,  it has definitely become our go-to beach. With easy parking (there is a cost), and large expanse of beaches, plus bathrooms (not all beaches have this) and food establishments right on the beach, it has it all. 

If you are wanting to do even more exploring you can always go on a whale watching tour, eat at a great variety of Newport Beach Dining of participate in one of my many Newport Beach Events.  

(Make sure to get your coupons for Newport Beach Events)

In the winter they are so many great events from tree lighting, the annual Christmas Walk, and even a Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.  If you think it is fun to drive around and see Christmas lights on houses, imagine how fun and unique it is to see a bunch of boats with Christmas lights. 

It really has been amazing being able to live close to the ocean and enjoy the huge variety of activities it has to offer.  If you don't live close, it is definitely a vacation worth saving for.  The winter is a great time to go as the beaches are way less crowded and you can escape the cold!  So check out what the Newport Beaches have to offer, and definitely check out their great deals and coupon page.


What is your favorite vacation destination?


  1. Love CDM but my heart is in Balboa Island!

  2. I love going to the beach and need to get out your way to the West Coast beaches!

  3. Corona Del Mar is my favorite. Although Laguna is probably going to take over that distinction...

    1. Oh I don’t think I have been to Laguna yet! There really are so many great beaches, I need to try more