Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Am I Going to Keep Blogging?

I feel like I have been pretty quiet on my blog lately.  Yes, I have had some posts, but my voice, my true blogging voice hasn't really been there.

This time of year is full of reflections.  Reflections of what this Christmas season is really about, reflections of what really matters in life, reflections of how the year went, reflection on what you want out of next year.

One month ago today marked 7 years that I have been blogging.

It began as a way to share for my family, then to share to the world, or whoever wants to listen.  So much has changed in the "blogging world"; why people blog, how people blog, why people read blogs.  Some parts of my how and why have changed, but ultimately I have tried to keep to the story telling, to my voice, but lately that has felt lost.

It is easy to feel the pressure to want to write the next best pinable post, the post with the recipe or craft, that everyone feels they have to try.   It is fun to get one of those posts, like my Grandkids Christmas sign, where you see the numbers rolling in, and while that is a part of me, that isn't my story, that isn't anything that will really tell who I am, leave a story for my children.

So yes, I will keep blogging, and yes I will try and have those posts that everyone wants to pin and share every once in a while, but in 2016, I want to get back more to sharing a story or who I am, of leaving a record for my children to someday want to go back and read and remember.  In 2016 I want to get back to coming to your blogs and commenting and connecting, like how blogging used to be.  I want to use this space to spread, good hope and light and some laughs on the way, but to always be real, as we all need a voice of honesty and how things really are.

I will probably be a little more 'radio-silent' this next week as I enjoy the family we have in town, with just an occasional post (there will be 10 Things to Smile About next Tuesday), but then on the New Year, I will be back.

To all who have followed me on this journey, been here since the beginning or joined me along the way, thank you.


  1. I think it's important to blog for yourself first. I'm looking forward to (still) reading your blog in 2016!

  2. Oh goodness... you had me worried!

  3. I know what you mean -- blogging has changed so much since I started blogging almost six years ago. I feel like now blogging is all about the page views, traffic, and whether your post is pinable enough.