Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Ten Things to Smile About is a great way to look back over the month and find things that made you smile.  I started this link-up after a really hard month where I needed to stop and find something to smile about.

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I usually post the last Tuesday of the month, but with the holidays at the end of December, I totally forgot!  Thankfully my friend Jamie of Love Jamie asked me about it on Twitter, so a bit late but here is:

10 Things to Smile About in December

1. The Living Nativity- my church puts on this great event every December and it is the perfect way to get into the right mood for the season and remember what really matters.

2.  The fact that I wore mismatched boots-twice... figure I have to laugh or cry about it.

3. My special Christmas tree- it always makes me smile to just sit and look at it.  (Learn how to make the snow here)

4. Snow day at school- when you live in SoCal they have to bring in snow for the kids to play in

5. Having family in town!

6. My awesome mama who spent many many hours with me building Alex's doll house

7. Our Christmas Eve Traditions 

8. This picture with my family and my parents.
Being a photographer you would think I have tons of pictures of my kids and my parents, but I don't. There have been trips that they have come that I have not taken one picture of them together!  So I love this picture with all of us, especially because that is probably the best smile my Dad has ever had in a picture.

9. Christmas!  The excitement of the kids, the fun, and being with family.

10. Seeing Star Wars with the whole family.

What made you smile in December?
(January's will resume again on the last Tuesday of the month)


  1. I love your family photo! I have personalized pajamas I made for my husband, myself and son, but we never wore them over the holidays because it was so warm! Hoping to get a photo at some point in January. ;)

  2. What a happy Christmas!! That photo of your whole family is so wonderful and I know you will cherish it always. Happy New Year, my friend! :)