Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday 5: Thrift Stores, an Apostle and St. Patrick's Day

Join me for Friday 5! Easy way to end and recap the week and share those little things that don't need a post of their own.  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. Our company is all gone and things are slowly getting back to normal, just in time for spring break.  We don't really have any plans yet, I do have a newborn shoot I am doing and totally looking forward to, but need to figure out something fun for the kids and not just waste the days away.

2.  I did some serious thrift store shopping this week, I do love it.  Got a ton of cute new buckets and props for newborn photography.  My husband always says I will never make a profit as I just buy more stuff... which yeah sometimes feels a little true.

3.  This last Saturday was an amazing day, an Apostle David A. Bednar came and spoke at my church building.  His message brought me so much hope, so much peace, and so much more that I want and need to be doing.  As he spoke and testified, I knew- I knew it was true.

4. Some moments of motherhood are so hard, like when your child tells you their whole class is mean to them.  Thankfully as things were explained it wasn't as bad as it initially seemed, but it still breaks your heart.  I just pray we can make it through the teenage years as I know when we finally get past all of the drama this child's peers will realize what an awesome person they are.

5. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  I must admit we don't really do anything for it.  Ryder came home from school a few days before saying how one of the kids told him a Leprechaun would come to their house and play tricks and leave presents.  I think I probably said something like, huh that is nice, don't think he will come to our house.

5 Pictures
Grandma Visiting

Newborn and Sibling Photoshoot
from a recent photo shoot 
Puppet Show
Ryder put on a puppet show for his sister 
Thrift Store Shopping
thrift store shopping
St. Patrick's Day
What is your Friday 5?


  1. Elder Bednar was in town?? Man! No fair! :-)

    I'm so sorry your kid is going through something like that. It's so hard when you feel like everyone is picking on you. I hope it gets better.

  2. The 4th one made me so sad. It hurts so much to see your child hurting or upset.
    Love all the pictures you shared!