Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What My Husband Really Thinks of Me

It is often easy to wonder what people really think about you.  We all have this picture in our own heads of who we are, what we are like, but sometimes I can't help but wonder how I really come across.

In church, in our women's group, we have a monthly newsletter that tells the announcements, the birthdays for the month and has a little spotlight on one of the women in the group.  Last month I pulled out the flyer and to my surprise I was the spotlight sister.  They had contacted Eric and he wrote up something about me, totally unknown to me; so now I could find out what my husband really thought of me and am going to share what he wrote.


"Emily grew up in Illinois. She is the fifth of six children, having three older brothers, an older sister and younger sister.  Though she was born with a rare heart defect and had heart surgery twice by the age of five, her mother never treated her as sickly, but raised her the same as the rest of her siblings instilling in Emily an ability to succeed despite life's difficulties.
My Childhood Home
My childhood home-though it was red when I was little
   She grew up in the church and was only a handful of students in her high school that was a member of the church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).  That did not stop her from sharing the gospel and from being an example to those around her.  Everyone knew her standards and expected her to live them.   She shared the Book of Mormon with her classmates and her example in high school planted seeds that would lead to the conversion of others in life.
High School Graduation 1999
High School Graduation-I am second from right in case you couldn't tell ;)
   After high school she was given the choice to attend a local junior college or BYU to continue her education.  She choose BYU and her father told her when she left that he sent her older sister to BYU to get a husband, but he was sending her to get an education.
   She succeeded in getting and education and finding a husband.  She fell in love with a guy that was too tall for her and even worse from Utah (...gasp) both of which were on her list of things she did not want in a husband.

     Emily and Eric met at the star of her second year at BYU.  They were in the same student ward (church congregation) and quickly discovered that they had a class together.  The started dating almost immediately and were married the following summer in the Chicago Illinois Temple.
Wedding Day
     She completed here degree in Psychology and earned nothing but 4.0 GPA after marriage.   Emily is a talented writer and blogs almost daily on her website.  She is also in the process of writing her first novel.

     She continues to share the gospel today through social media and her blog.  She often will speak up on the Internet supporting truth and right even if it not the popular opinion of the day believing that truth and light are needed are needed on the Internet to combat the adversary.

    Emily has a special ability to instantly make friends with everyone around her.  She is a talented photographer, an outstanding mother dedicated to the success of all her children, a supportive and loving wife, and a joy to be around.

   She enjoys reading a good book, watching movies, playing board and card games, crafting, refurbishing older furniture, playing games on her iPad, and hanging out with her family."
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I must admit, I heisted sharing this, as obviously my husband is a bit bias, but I absolutely loved what he wrote about me and I want to live up to how he sees me; plus I want to have this documented forever in case I lose the newsletter; so now you know what my husband really thinks of me.


  1. I second his opinion! I am so glad we have become friends, and only wish we lived closer so we could be irl friends, too.

  2. Awe. Such a sweet and wonderful letter. It sounds like you two have a great partnership and that your husband is very proud of you.

  3. I love this! I wonder what my husband would say about me, lol. And I love the part about your dad sending your sister to BYU for a husband and you for an education, that made my day. :)

  4. Aww loved reading this! This is too sweet and all true! :)

  5. So sweet and now I'd like to know what my husband thinks of me :).

    1. Yes, hard to just ask though as then they will feel pressured to say something ;)