Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Transport in Time with By The Stars

When a book transports you back into the era it was written and leaves you wanting more, you know it is a good book.  This is how I felt when I was given a copy of By the Stars by Lindsay B. Ferguson to review; this post does contain affiliate links.

The Book: 
When Cal finally gets a chance with Kate, the girl he's loved since grade school, their easy friendship quickly blossoms into a meaningful romance. Spirited and independent, Kate keeps a guarded heart due to a painful past, and Cal wants nothing more than to gain her trust. But World War II soon cuts their time far too short, and Cal prepares to part from her – possibly for good. After he's gone, what Kate does next changes everything. 

In the suffocating jungles of the Philippines Cal encounters the chilling life of a soldier and deadly battles of war. With Kate's memory willing him on, Cal must put his trust in God to survive if he hopes to ever return to her. Inspired by a true story, By the Stars is a romance that stands the test of time and the most intense obstacles.

My Review:
 Lindsay Ferguson transports us into a the war-torn time of World War II. This book, inspired by a true story, tells a simple yet truly inspirational story of Cal, a simple farm-boy from Utah. As Cal states-his story all revolves around one person, a girl. The story begins with the first time he meets Kate while in 8th grade, the story then quickly jumps in the future when Cal is about to leave to serve as a missionary. A chance encounter with Kate, leads to him finally getting the chance with the girl of his dreams right at the time he has to report for duty in the army. 

As Cal leaves to fight in the Philippines during World War II, he holds out hope that he and Kate will be together someday. The story does a great job transporting you to this time and the horrors and tragedy of war, yet there is an underlying hope throughout the whole thing. It really was fascinating to read and at times just made me outraged what he and those fighting with him went through. 

The more I got into the book, the harder the time I had putting it down. The book almost feels like something important to read, to not forget this time in history. It made me wish that I could meet Cal and hear him tell his story. I really enjoyed it.

This book is also a clean book- free from language, and intense graphic of sexual imagery. I highly recommend it!

The Author:

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  1. This sounds like a great book! Adding it to my list now.

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Sounds like a great book. Our library just had a pipe break and they're closed for a while for clean up. I'll check it out on Amazon.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review By the Stars! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  4. My friend would love this! It's perfect for her.