Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Books Make My Son Cry

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I love books!  If you have been reading my blog for a while now that is no surprise to you. I have shown you our shelves of kids books, shared my favorite books, and well you just know I love to read.
One of four of our shelves of kids books
Yesterday I helped out at our school's book fair.  This is a very dangerous thing for me, being there surrounded by hundreds of kids books, all just wanting me to buy them.  But it would help my kids' school raise money, that is a good thing right?  

There is just something so fun about working the book fair, maybe it is running the cash register.  I only had one job where I had to run a cash register; that cash register didn't even tell you the amount of change to give, I got really fast at figuring change.  Or maybe it is just the books.

Sometimes all of those hundreds of books can be a bit overwhelming.

Ryder came in with a few kindergarten classmates to pick out his books.  I was excited I got to be there with him.  Thankfully there was a lull so it was just the three kindergartners.  I showed him some funny books I had found, told him to look around and asked what he wanted.  He stood there looked around and then burst into tears; unsure what he should do or pick.

This is not the first time he has burst into tears at the book fair, in fact, he did the exact same thing in the fall.  I just wasn't there at the time to witness it.

After I got him settled down I pretty much picked out some books for him, making sure to first pick a funny one about bears and giant underwear (it really is a cute book).  

Some of us get overwhelmed with loud noises, for some it is crowds of people, for my son apparently is lots of books.

Have books ever made you cry?

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  1. Books make me cry too. I remember having to not read the last Harry Potter book at work because it made me too weepy.