Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Making Homework Time Mommy Time

First let me say, I hate homework.  I think kids get way too much of it.  As a child, I don't think I ever got homework in grade school; there were a couple of projects and I remember coming home so excited as I had "homework" just like my older brothers and sister.

I am all for kids reading everyday, or if a child is truly behind or not doing their work at school, then yes homework is necessary; other then that, it is way too much.

Homework has meant days of torture, with tears, fits and pleadings to 'just do your work then you could be done already!'

Thankfully, the tears seem less frequent now and overall my kids do pretty good just sitting down and doing their homework.  Once they gave in to the inevitable, that yes there is always homework and yes they do have to do it, it got easier.  Doesn't make me like it though.

I have found the solution for making homework time my time.

When it is homework time we all gather round the table in our spots, the kids with their books and me with my iPad or computer.  You see, when I am sitting right there by them, it seems like I am with them, it seems like I am part of the torturous process with them, so they aren't suffering on their own; but me, I am happily playing a game, writing a blog post, like this very one and having some Mommy Time.

It really becomes a win-win.  I know they are getting their work done, I am here if they have any questions or are legitimately stuck, and here to give the not so subtle reminders to keep working as needed, but I can get me-things done.

I've got this homework thing down pat.
home-work time-mommy-time

**To my parenting friends with little ones, kinder, first and even second graders-- sorry you might not quite be able to work this system yet, but endure those first few years, your time will come.


  1. You're right! In our generation, we rarely ever got sent home with homework, especially in elementary school. In fact, I have zero memories of homework until I got to middle school. However, when I did have homework when I was older, I was on my own and did not have that special one-on-one time with my parents since they both worked long hours. I think it is such a blessing that you are doing this for your kids. I am absolutely certain that because you are there, they are taking their homework at least a little bit more seriously! Way to go, mama! Amie, www.pocketfulofthyme.com

  2. There have been so many studies that prove homework actually does more harm than good. Kind of funny how an education system that relies on tests and studies doesn't pay attention to those...

  3. My son is in first grade and gets very little homework. It is not an everyday thing either, usually only 1 or 2 days out of the week and takes 20 minutes or less. I'm glad. I have no idea how it will be as he gets into higher grades...and let me tell you, my state does common core which I NOT a fan of, but so far I am pleased that my son still has plenty of time to just be a kid!

  4. My oldest is in Kindergarten, so luckily, we don't have too much homework yet. But, when we do, I'm definitely following your advice.

  5. I used to hate homework when Lexie was in elementary school. It was always so overwhelming for both of us. Once she got into middle school and could handle it all on her own, the whole ordeal became much less stressful...at least for me. :) Cory still has to help her with math occasionally, but otherwise she totally flies solo!