Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Five: Rain, Kindy 500 and Easter

Join me every Friday for Friday 5-- just share 5 thoughts and pictures to recap the week.

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5 Thoughts
1. I am so glad it is Friday.. this is just one of those forever long weeks.  Got rained on during two different soccer practices (did see a cool rainbow though), Eric has been working super late every night,  had a bit of food poisoning near the beginning of the week, and just so crazy busy I can hardly think what I have to do next, so looking forward to this weekend.

2. This weekend will be especially good as it is General Conference, a whole weekend of so many incredible talks of inspiration, hope and guidance.

3. Today is the Kindy 500 for Ryder- we made him a Ryder truck, as well we just had to!  Make sure to check out my Instagram feed for pictures today, and I will post about it next week of course.

4. Monday we went out to Alex's soccer practice a hour early for goalie training, a training which I texted about before we left to ensure it was going to happen... we got there.. it did not happen.  See a long week!   I think I need to go back and read my Ten Things to Smile about list!

5. Easter was wonderful, the kids all did a great job following their clues to find their baskets, I survived teaching Sunday school, was substituting for the regular teacher, and it was a great day to celebrate what the Savior did for us.

5 Pictures 
Rose in bloom
Roses are blooming in our yard
Easter baskets
Easter loot
My family on Easter
My family on Easter 
Easter dinner
Easter dinner- ham not pictured 
Making his Kindy 500 car
Kinda 500 car in progress
What is your Friday 5?  Come play along with me!


  1. This week seemed really long, right? I am very glad it is Friday!

    1. Yes! So long, here's to hoping next week goes a little more quickly :)

  2. This week has been a month long, I swear.

    I'm REALLY looking forward to General Conference this weekend. I need the spiritual edification.

  3. Can you please tell Lucas to slow down growing up. He's starting to look more and more like his daddy in every picture you post. But all three of your kids are growing up way to fast!