Thursday, March 31, 2016

Desk Makeover: Painting a Desk

When I was redoing my craft room, I obviously needed a work space or desk.  I came really close to spending hundreds of dollars on a great desk at a store, but I help off and kept checking some of my favorite thrift stores until I found the perfect desk for only $30.
Retro Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

The desk definitely need a touch up, and I really wanted to add a pop of color to it.
Thrift Store Desk

When looking for a used desk, or any piece of furniture, one of the main things to look for is overall strength of the piece.  Little chips and dings, scribbles or marks, all fixable.  Missing a leg, wobbly, or drawers that don't come out are things that unless you are good at wood work might be hard to fix.

This desk has great bones, it was definitely chipped and dinged but it was perfect.  I love how deep it is, giving it a big work space, it isn't a small computer desk size.
Scratches on Desk

I decided to go for a bit of a retro look and used Annie Sloan Provence Chalk Paint.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

It took two coats of paint, but as is great with Annie Sloan paint, after a good wipe down cleaning of the piece you just start painting.

I took all of the hardware out of the desk before painting, and taped the drawer lock with painters tape to protect it.
Desk hardware before spray paint

I spray painted the hardware with Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint.
Spray Paint for desk hardware
Desk hardware after spray paint
Hardware after spray painting
I decided to leave the top of the desk as it was, as I liked the contrast of color between the blue and brown; however it was pretty chipped along the edge so I had to do something.
Rough Edge on Desk
I used a dark stain and painted the edge only of the desk, which covered up all the dings and made the color a little deeper and richer making the contrast even greater.

I finished up with a coat of Annie Sloan wax to seal the desk.

I love how the finished desk looks, and love all the deep drawers for storage and the big works space.
You can see my final craft room here
Craft Room


  1. I love this desk so much. I still can't believe what a deal you got on it. I'll have to remember to look for stuff that can be repurposed instead of forking over hundreds of dollars for something new. Especially since older pieces tend to be better constructed anyway.

    And you did such a great job with refinishing it.

  2. Such a beautiful makeover! I'm getting ready to do the same thing for my craft space and this is amazing inspiration! :)

  3. Love this update! And for so cheap, that's awesome!


  4. That looks so much better! I love that color too

  5. I love the color you chose, and your finished results are beautiful. Gorgeous craft space!