Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Finding the Best Thrift Store Finds

This conversation was sponsored on behalf of Deseret Industries to share #DIFinds and Finding the Best Thrift Store Finds as part of the Deseret Industries 1-Year Anniversary Celebration. All thoughts and opinions are my own

I love thrift store shopping.  Something about the hunt, the searching, the finding that one of a kind item at an amazing price.

Just this year I found and showed you the amazing desk transformation, and my hallway dresser piece.  To find these good pieces, it takes a little more than just luck, here are my tips for the Thrift Store hunt

1. Find Your Store-
   There are a lot of great thrift stores out there, but they are not all created equal.  You can look on-line and scout the stores out yourself, or talk to friends- they may know some hidden gems.

One of my favorite Thrift stores, which is celebrating it's 1-year Anniversary in my area, is Deseret Industries.
Deseret Industries in Fontana
Deseret Industries at the Grand Opening One Year Ago
Not only is there an evolving rotation of new items, but the store is clean and organized!  It feels more like regular store than some of the typical thrift stores. It is light and bright and you don't feel dirty when you leave it (trust me I have been to some thrift stores that made me feel this way)

2. Talk to the Employees-
  First it just pays to be kind.  Everyone is in too much of a rush.  When you talk to the employees you can find out when new items come in, when the shelves are restocked, and when there might be special sales or discounts.  Especially for thrift stores, knowing when new items come in is a huge benefit.

3. Go, Go and Go Again
  When I found my desk, I went almost weekly for an entire month until I found a desk I loved.

Desk Makeover
My thrift store desk find before and after 
 Even  if it is a quick 10 minute browse through the store, go regularly as you never know what treasure may show up next.  My local Deseret Industries places almost 5,000 new items on the floor every single day!


I am so excited that one of my favorite Thrift Stores Deseret Industries is having their 1-year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday.  Not only is Deseret Industries a non-profit thrift store, but in their first year they have provided job training for 182 members of the community.

Here's the info about this great anniversary event.

Deseret Industries 1-year Anniversary Celebration 

 Saturday, May 21st- from 10 AM- 8 PM
   Located at 16593 Valley Blvd. in Fontana California

**The first 500 customers will revive free totes.
**There will be music and events during the day
**My readers can receive 10% off any second-hand item (excludes new packaged items and new wood and sleep products). 

Click HERE to Download 
In addition, if you bring your gently used items to donate you will get a coupon for another 10% off your next visit (Discount for donation is good for 30 days; May 22-June 22, 2016)

Find your local thrift stores and start your hunting!

What was your best thrift store find? 


  1. Love what you did to that desk! I love thrift shopping, though it takes lots of patience!

  2. The desk turned out so nice; love the color. I have always preferred to recycle and reuse than simply buy new.

  3. Love the way your desk turned out! I love a great upcycle project!

  4. You did a great job on that desk. It would have been a hot mess in my hands. Love the blue!

  5. Your desk turned out beautiful. My best thrift store find was a spinning display rack with clips that I painted and use to display photos. It looks just like one Pottery Barn sells, but I spent a dollar fifty on it!

  6. Great tips...I never think to look for things that have been there a long time. Great tip!

  7. I always love finding treasures too. Thanks for the tips. And the desk looks great!

  8. What a nice job on the desk! I also love thrifting, but we don't have this store in my area. :-)