Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Five: Final week, Birthday and the Purse Book

Happy Friday everyone!  This is our last Friday of the school year!  Can't believe it is almost our summer break.  When does your summer break start?  Join me today by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. Final full week of school!  My kids only have two days next week, I know odd to end on a Tuesday.   Monday is Lucas 5th grade promotion and Ryder's kinder program in the evening.  It might be tear inducing day for me!

2. Alex has been on her club soccer team for a year now and we are on the third coach.  Loved the last coach, but she is going back to school.  On Wednesday we had our newest coach for the first full practice and I am loving it, as are the girls! I think he is going to be an awesome fit and excited for our team.

3. Ryder had a fun birthday this weekend- it was a crazy busy weekend but he loved his cake and presents, which I will share about soon.

4. I have a book I have been carrying in my purse for almost a month now.. one of these days I will actually get to read it!  Hey, summer is coming, I might soon have a lot of free time... or less since my kids will be home all day.

5. Survived Eric being out of town for a couple of days; the boys even survived having to be drug along to Alex's soccer practice, but don't worry they let me know before hand how awful they thought it was and then proceeded to have a ton of fun the whole time playing at the park.  Stinkers.

5 Pictures
Girls night dinner
Horrible lighting but fun girls night while the boys were camping
DinoTrux Cake
After our dinner she helped me make Ryder's cake- and get pictures of it
Hanging out between soccer games
playing card games between soccer games
Blowing Out Candles on Cake
6th Birthday!!
Feeding Sister Missionaries
Introduced the Sister Missionaries to our awesome Ice-cream stash

What is your Friday 5?


  1. I had forgotten how early schools in the US get out until I started seeing everyone posting about their kids' last days on Instagram. Lexie's school doesn't get out until July 1! We will be taking her out of school a week and a half early, though, to go back to the US before we move to Singapore, so you know she's excited about that extra summertime! :) Enjoy your summer!!

  2. Our last day was today and we are so ready for summer break!!!

  3. Fun! I enjoy posts like this. One of these days I might add one to my blogging lineup. :-)

  4. I hope your kids have a great last day! If it makes you feel any better, my kids end on a Monday! So pointless!
    I love Ryder's cake and I bet he did, too!