Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Surprise Legoland Trip

This post was sponsored on behalf of Legoland California.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

A couple of years ago after school got out, we surprised our kids with a trip to Legoland.  We had so much fun that we wanted to do it again.  The hardest part was trying to keep it a surprise again.  Alex definitely suspected and kept asking questions, but when she got home on the last day of school and Eric wasn't home, like he had been the first time, she began to think maybe she was wrong.

The day after school got out, the kids were watching a show and I asked them if they could come take a quick video for me saying 'first day of summer', as I do the 1-second a day app.  Little did they know what was really going to happen.

We got to the park before it opened and were surprised when we were let right in, we were even more surprised when we were able to go on one of the rides early too!  Most of the park was closed until opening time, but you definitely want to get their early.
Family trip to Legoland

The day was perfect, the weather was great, the lines were short, and the kids all had a great time.

I think we rode almost every single ride in the park that day.

The Dragon roller coaster was a favorite of all three kids.  We rode it six times that day!  It is a fun small roller coaster that first takes you through this awesome castle with everything built from Legos,  I noticed something different each time we rode.
Dragon Roller coaster at Legloand

Have you ever seen an entire city built out of Lego bricks?  In Legoland they have several cities- New York, SanFrancisco, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.
Golden Gate Bridge in Legos
Now they have a new Star Wars collection.  They have a scene from every movie, it was awesome!
Lego Star Wars DeathStar
Star Wars Lego Builds

I love that Legoland is really family friendly and designed for younger kids, Ryder is able to ride almost every ride at the park.  This time he was even old enough for the driving school; they all  passed their tests, even if Alex was on the wrong side of the road for a minute.
Legoland Driving School

They have good food choices, and we were happy with the all you can eat pizza place we ate for lunch.
Legoland Pizza

Don't worry- the real pizza isn't made of Lego Bricks.

We ended the day at the Legoland Sea Life Aquarium, which is attached right to the park.  The Aquarium is something you could spend a good part of your day, or hurry through and see it at the end of your day like we did.
Legoland Aquarium
Jelly fish and reflection
Jelly fish- and me and Lucas
It was an awesome day and the kids are already asking when we can go back again. When you are planning your Legoland trip, definitely check your local Lego Store, or even restaurants, as Wendy's currently has a buy an adult get a child free coupon.  Legoland has great deals, so it can be a trip that anyone can enjoy. 


  1. Legoland looks like so much fun! It's always interesting to see different Lego creations. Such talented artists! What a fun trip to treat the kids to for the start of Summer!

  2. Cannot wait to take my kids there someday! The Start Wars stuff is awesome.

  3. Awww, I love the surprise factor! Looks like a really fun park too. I've never been to Legoland, but I could definitely see Piglet enjoying himself. I can't get over how big your kids are getting!

  4. So much fun! I definitely want to go to Lego land sometime :)