Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Feeling Like a Rockstar

Want to feel like a rockstar?  I sure did yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke up extra early (darn adjusting times after a vacation), I went right to the laundry room and began the 5,000 loads of laundry... okay maybe about 4, but still 4 big loads!

I got said laundry done before 10:00 A.M. - at 9:59 to be exact.

I even got the kids to actually put away their own clothes, impressed yet?

Then I went on to clean out the entire refrigerator.  When it is nearly empty after being gone, you have to take advantage right?

Pulled out every shelf, washed them down and put everything back in all neat and organized (not to mention the whole garbage bag of stuff I threw out).

Then I updated a bunch of needed stuff for my photography business and got a bunch of soccer team manger stuff done all before lunch time.

Then shopping, lunch, actually getting all the groceries put away before dinner time... the day just went on and on- with me being a total rockstar.

But don't worry today I will probably sit around reading or playing games on my iPad, as being a rockstar is exhausting.

Just keeping it real.

Have you had a rockstar day?


  1. That's pretty impressive! I love days like that!

    1. Thanks! Me too, they definitely aren't that often ;)

  2. Dang! Reading this reminds me of the few loads of laundry I have been putting off and the mess that is currently my fridge and pantry ha ha. I am now feeling the need to be a little more productive ;)