Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Goes Too Fast

I was in the store yesterday and saw back to school things.  Really? I thought, this is way too soon.

But then it hit me, school is just around the corner. My kids now have less then a month until school starts.  If you don't count the weekends, there are only 16 days until they start school.  Sixteen!  The list of the things that need to happen in those 16 days is starting to freak me out, back to school hair-cuts, clothes and school shopping, and our YES Day.

  I will be going to BlogHer the weekend before school starts.  At the time I signed up I was so excited since it is in LA; now I am half wondering what I was thinking signing up for this the weekend before school starts.

As a child the summer was from the beginning of June sometimes well until after Labor Day or right before, now it is just too short, it goes by way too quickly.

This up-coming school year means a child in middle school and my baby in school all day.  This new phase of life is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I honestly love the phase of life I am in right now, but sometimes long for the simplicity of the preschool years.

When I began my blog almost 8 years ago, with only two kids and living in a different state, I don't think I ever imagined my life quite as it is now.  It kind of freaks me out to think in the next 8 years I will have one adult child and the other on the cusp on adulthood.

It goes fast, this time is precious.  I am going to try and enjoy these last 16 school free days.


  1. How is the summer already almost over?! I cannot believe that it is almost time for the kids to go back to school. I love the idea of your "yes day"! I will have to see if I can manage one of those days for my son -- if he gets a better attitude that is ha ha!