Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday 5: Behind the Scenes, a Desert and A pool

Friday Five time! Sharing 5 thoughts and pictures from the week.

5 Thoughts

1. I am halfway through the photoshoots for the week, actually as you are reading this I am probably out doing the third of the week or just getting home from it.  Now to sit down and focus and get some pictures edited!

2. Are you playing the Pokemon Go thing?  I am not; I honestly had no idea Pokemon was even around still.  Suddenly everyone is wandering around looking for Pokemons.  It's kind of funny if you ask me.

3. Tuesday I took my kids to LOL kids club.  As suspected Lucas was the first one ready to leave, but they all did have fun and I had fun visiting with one of my good friends, so a win-win.

4. I am still in shock that summer is almost over; we have one more weekend getaway planned, with CA Girl's family actually, so that should be fun, but it really just went too fast.

5. It seems crazy to me that last Saturday we were driving home from Utah; in a lot of ways that seems like a long time ago.  It is funny how time can play tricks like that.

5 Pictures 
Desert in Arizona
Driving home- somewhere in Arizona
Lol Kids club
Being attacked by my kids at LOL kids club
Behind the scenes newborn shoot
Behind the scenes at my newborn shoot this week 
Pool Day fun
Pool day fun
Family Photo Shoot
Family shoot this week- mom is actually a great author- see her books here

What are your weekend plans?

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