Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ten Things To Smile About This Month

I love this time of the year!  There was definitely a lot of great things to look back and smile about this month.  Join me the last Tuesday of every month and find 10 Things that made you smile.

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10 Things to Smile About in September

1. Participating in a service project where we packaged 36,000 meals for local children in need. 
Feeding the Children Service Project

2. Alex was student of the month! 
Student of the month

3. Newborn twins!  Every time I have photographed twins (young and old) they have been boy/girl twins.
newborn twins

4. One day of real fall weather, though mother nature was just teasing us.

5. Fun Labor Day weekend with the family
family on ferris wheel
6. Pool Parties with soccer friends
pool party

7. Getting family pictures taken!  I am in love with them! 
View More: http://angiewhitakerphotography.pass.us/barton-family-2016

8. Teaching our kids some independence by letting them order their own food-- though at this moment they began conspiring to buy some treats instead, still made me smile.
Ordering their own food

9. An awesome start to Alex's soccer season- 3-1 and their one loss came partially due to questionable refs-- the ref cheered when the other team scored!
soccer team

10. Attending Women's Conference with my daughter- so love General Conference and cannot wait for the rest of the sessions this weekend!
mother and daughter
What made you smile this month?

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  1. You always get boy/girl twins? That's so funny because I've only ever known two people that had boy/girl twins!