Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Transport in Time with For This We Are Soldiers

I must admit I am not a huge history buff, but give me a good historical fiction and I am all in.

I was recently given a copy of For This We are Soldiers by Carla Kelly.

I read another of Carla's books Softly Falling- which did a wonderful job transporting you back in time, For This We are Soldiers had the same affect.

The Book
From master storyteller Carla Kelly comes this collection of frontier tales that take you behind typical army lines and into the hearts of ordinary men and women who perform extraordinary acts of bravery. From handsome hospital stewards and dashing soldiers to courageous children and wives who will pull at your heartstrings, there’s something for everyone’s fancy.

My Review
  This book is a collection of short stories that take place at a time when the wild west really was the wild west, much of the United States still unclaimed.  I love how real the characters all felt and how we got little glimpses of their lives that left you satisfied yet wanting more. Carla does an amazing job transporting you and making it feel so real.  The stories were all independent yet it made it feel like maybe there was a connection between several of the stories that could be there.  It made me want to go back and read it again to see if I could pick up on more clues that somehow connects the stories, if they even actually connect. 
   This is a fast easy read, and can even be read just a short story at a time.  Though it deals with war and war time, it is what I classify as a clean book, free from language and strong graphic or sexual imagery.  I really enjoyed this book. 

Where to Buy
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What is the last book you have read?

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