Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What I Hope for My Son's Teenage Years

I can't imagine being a teenager today.   I am a product of what some call the Oregon Trail generation.  The generation with a childhood mostly free of technology.  A childhood where were would stay out until the sun went down, where messages to friends were sent on little pieces of paper folded into complex triangles; but also one where the buzz of dial up internet and chatting on AOL entered into my teenage years.  A generation old enough to remember life without social media, yet young enough to have embraced it right as it was beginning to emerge.

I cannot really imagine what it is like for kids now- with instant access to just about everything both good and bad.  The thought of being in junior high or high school and wondering what picture of me might be being shared everywhere, wondering if I should update my relationship status or not when I start dating someone, though I am told that Facebook is just for old people now...  I can't imagine what it is like for teenagers now.

Despite all of this, there are a lot of amazing teens out there, doing amazing things, giving back, being kind and looking out for those around them.

Today shortly after my oldest turned 12, I want to share my hopes for him in his upcoming teenage years.
What I hope for my sons teenage years

What I Hope For My Son's Teenage Years

-- I hope that you never lose your good heart.  Some will try and take advantage of you for this and some will want to break this-- but don't ever let them win.  Keep seeing the good in people, keep seeing the good and hope in life.  There is a good and purpose to this life that no one can ever take away from you.

--I hope that you are brave.  Be brave in trying new things even if you are worried you might not succeed at first.  Now is a time to try new activities, make new friends and try to figure out who you want to be someday.  Be brave in standing up for those who need a friend, be brave in standing up for what is right, just be brave.
Amazing Teens in your life

--I hope that you are wise.  With your bravery you also need wisdom.  There is a big difference between being reckless and being brave- and a big part of that is wisdom.  Don't ever forget who you truly are and what the purpose of this life is and make decisions with that in mind.

--I hope that you have fun!  Yes we want you to work hard and try your best--but have fun!  You will only be a teenager once.  There will be so many new and first experiences, so enjoy them!

-- I hope that you take care of yourself.   Your body is changing and growing- take care of it by being active, by eating good food, by getting sleep, by not doing or taking anything that will be harmful to your body.  You will have this body your whole life, treat it like the gift and temple that it is and it will be good to you.

--I hope that you never forget how much your Dad and I love you.  How much we want you to be happy and successful in life, that our boundaries and limits are done in love and hope for you to be the person we know you really are.

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I read my list to my son today--it made me laugh what he said was not good for his body.

Nominate your teen or a teen you know!


  1. Aw this is so sweet! I'm also part of the "Oregon Trail" generation and my oldest is just a few years from being a teen, which I'm already trying to mentally prepare for. Such a different world they're growing up in!

    1. Yes so different! They seem to be strong kids now though, so hoping they will be able to handle the world as it is now

  2. I love this post <3 My son turned 10 today and I'm so nervous for my kids growing up in the world today. It's definitely not the same as it was... not even close =(

    1. Happy Birthday to your son! Double digits is exciting for kids. And yes such a different world

  3. Yeah we're probably old school with facebook and their thing of choice is snapchat :(.

    1. Yes not a big fan of snapchat I must admit

  4. I loved playing Oregon Trail! These look like great snacks for growing kids.