Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Love and Fat Free Cheese

Does anyone really like fat-free cheese?  To me it seems what would be the point?  I was given a copy of Love and Fat Free Cheese by Crissy Sharp to review.   While the name may seem funny, the book is not- it is one of the few books this year that made my "Can't Put Down List"   Last year only 3 books made my Can't Put Down List, so this one is a must read!

The Book
Fat-free cheese is okay--unless you've tasted real cheese. Juliet Easton learns this about love too as she uncovers who truly loves her, and who is using her to get to the secret she knows about the disappearance of her sister's fiance and the pharmaceutical conspiracy he plans to reveal. Can she protect her loved ones' lives and her heart? You'll be hooked from Asiago to Zamorano cheese in this suspenseful and hilarious romantic thriller.

My Review
  The description above saying you will be hooked is exactly right.  I loved this fast paced suspenseful book.  This book has twists and turns that I did not expect.  There were little parts that I guessed right, but I wanted to keep reading to find out for sure.   It was an amazing twist of suspense and romance, which you would not usually pair together, but it really worked.  
  The book has good character development with likable, funny characters who feel like real people.  The book is what I classify as a clean book, while sometimes dealing with intense subjects is free of language and strong graphic or sexual imagery.  
  This book made my "Can't Put Down List" and I definitely recommend.  

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