Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Five: Primary Program, Preemie Baby, and a Slacker

Let's just jump right in with Friday 5- sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week

5 Thoughts
1.  At a time when I should be sharing fun recipes, cute holiday crafts and fun family traditions... instead I have been barely blogging!  My free time has definitely been consumed by photo editing, which I am so grateful that I have had a ton of clients this fall, but the poor blog definitely gets neglected.

2.  Yesterday Ryder was pulling things out of his backpack, including an outside pocket that he never puts things in, and what does he pull out, a letter addressed to the parents of Ryder.. the letter that told  me that last month he was student of the month and invited me to come to the awards assembly.  Yep, a little late for that.  Now at least I know that the teacher definitely did notify me, it just ended up in a funny pocket.

3. We don't have any really big Thanksgiving plans this year.  We contemplated going out of town, but in the end are probably just going to have a quiet family dinner, probably feed the missionaries too.  I do have two photoshoots Thanksgiving week.

4. Yesterday was World Prematurity Awareness day.  I was going back and reading some of my old NICU posts and watching Ryder's first year video.. and man time really does fly and it makes me so grateful that I do blog and did blog back then as it is amazing how much you forget.

5. This last Sunday was the Primary program.  Both Alex and Ryder had a part (Lucas is no longer part of the Primary since he turned 12).  I must admit I didn't practice Ryder's part with him nearly enough and it had some big words.  But he got up there and read through it, carefully sounding out the words, and it was kind of adorable.  Alex said her part perfectly, with confidence and even a little flip of her hair as she walked back to her seat.  One of our friends asked if she was going to run for President someday as the way she said her part and her confidence made her seem very much like a leader.  Alex also sang a duet.  Her voice blended perfectly with the girl she sang with and it sounded beautiful.  You could hear Alex singing for every single song and it was a good thing as she really carried the whole Primary.  It was a proud mommy day.

5 Pictures
Sunset over beach
Animal Style Fries from In-N-Out
Animal style fries at In-N-Out
Primary Program
Before the primary program
Red Sky Sunset
Egg Nog
We love egg nog!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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