Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Five: Christmas, Santa Monica, Golf

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  I know a lot of people that are more than ready for it to be over, it has been quite the year.  I am not ready for it to be over as then it will be that much closer to the kid going back to school and Christmas break being over, it has been such a fun one.

5 Thoughts

1. This has been a wonderful week, of course there was Christmas- but we also had a big cousin dinner with my side of the family.  There was 25 kids there, it was a bit crazy but also a great night. I did little mini photo sessions, including getting a few with my family and my parents (my niece took those ones for me).

2. On Christmas Day my sister and her family came over in the evening and we had a yummy dinner and the cousins exchanged presents and then they took my parents away to their house, but two days later my in-laws came to our house to visit, so it has been non-stop company.

3. Our Christmas decorations are still up and break seems to be going too fast!  I have definitely adjusted, sleeping in until 8:00 everyday, when school starts back up it is going to be hard.

4. We went to the driving range this week- the kids all love going out there and hitting balls and are actually all pretty good at it.  Even Ryder was getting some awesome hits.  As we stood there, Eric wearing shorts, palm trees and snow capped mountains in the background, it was one of those moments when I realize how awesome it is to live in California.

5. We have lived in California for 8 years now but have never been to the Santa Monica Pier, the famous one with an amusement park on the pier.  Yesterday we finally went.  It was different than I pictured it; most of the park part is actually on the pier on the beach and not even over the ocean, but it was still fun and the weather was perfect!

5 Pictures
Chick-fila icecream

Eating breakfast biblical style
My MIL taught my kids about how they ate in Biblical times- so we had our breakfast that way
At the driving Range
On Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica
Family on Santa Monica Pier

What are your New Years Eve Plans?


  1. Such fun times! I don't want my Christmas vacation to end either. I'm just trying to savor every minute while I have it. :) We will be staying home and family and friends will be at our home for New Years. It is my most favorite holiday and I love to celebrate the new year! Happy New Years to you and your family!

    1. Yes, it goes by so quickly! Sounds like you had a fun New Years!