Monday, January 23, 2017

What I Hope For My Daughter

This has been a very violate week in the political world and social media.  With Trump now officially our new President, the Women's marches and once again so much political banter back and forth, it has made me stop and reflect what do I want for my daughter?  What do I want my daughter to know, to believe and to fight for? 
What I Hope for my Daughter

I asked on Facebook, genuinely wanting to know, what those participating in the marches thought would change?   Thankfully the Woman's March didn't seem to lead to the same destruction and chaos that came along with the protests on Inauguration Day.

But I wonder, what are they wanting the world, women, their daughters to learn and know?

I saw a picture of a young girl at the march holding a sign stating "Girls rule, Trump Drools".  What is this mother teaching her daughter?  That using childish insults and rhetoric will get results?  This isn't nearly as bad as the grown adults who on Twitter this last week took to insulting Donald Trump's 10-year-old son, asking what was wrong with him and even saying he was going to be the next home-schooled shooter.  When has it ever been okay to attack a child?

When my oldest recently came home stating that there were funny memes about Donald Trump and showed me one making fun of his hair, I did not laugh (though if I am totally honest I might have wanted to).  I told him while I did not vote for Trump and definitely have a lot of things I do not like about him, that it is never okay to make fun of someone for how they look or who they are.  I told him, I am praying for Trump, praying that he might feel the weight and responsibility of the position he now holds, feel some humility, surround himself by good people who can help him guide the country.

 This world has so much hate, so much negativity-- that is just needs to stop.

We need to stop looking for the wrong, the differences, the things we hate-- but instead find common ground we can unite on and stand up for what is right.  Tearing others down, making fun of people and calling people names-- it immediately ends any chance of having a real conversation that could bring some change and good into the world.

So what do I hope for my daughter?

I recently saw this quote and I love it:

"Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do, that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren't created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can't do." ~Author unknown

What are my hopes for her, what do I as a woman, as her mother want to teach her?

What I Hope For My Daughter 

I want her to know she is unique and special and is exactly who she is supposed to be. 

That she is here on this earth as a Daughter of God destined for so much greatness. But that greatness doesn't come from fame and fortune, but from humility, from kindness, from working hard every day never feeling like you are owed something just because. 

I want her to know there will be people in life who inspire, encourage and will help you grow, and there are those who will do just the opposite. There will be people and issues in life that you do not agree with-- but fighting and belittling won't change a thing. Boldly and bravely standing up with kindness, goodness and as a light of beacon and hope-- showing others by your kindness and goodness that there is a better way-- that is the strongest message you can share. 

Remember you are destined for greatness with a Father in Heaven who has so much in store for you - just let Him guide your life. 

We are not meant to go through this life alone, first with God by our side and someday a spouse who you should work side by side, be a helpmeet to each other. Not the same-- just together and united, each of you trying to put the others needs first. This will lead to a loving, successful and happy marriage. 

Mostly remember that I love you. I will always love you. I will push you, encourage you and as hard as it may be will let you fail when necessary so that you learn how life truly works, learn while you are young and the consequences aren't so harsh and lasting; helping to set you up for real success in life. 

This is what I want for my daughter. 

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    1. I agree that there is so much negativity in the world. Hopefully our President can learn to rise above the negativity that is besetting him and show people that positive change is possible! As for the girls of today, the only way they can learn to be good and kind is through their moms teaching them by example to be good and kind! Awesome job!

    2. Thank you! And yes I pray for the President all the time.. I worry about what he is really going to do and accomplish but I pray that it will be good and that somehow the country can unite again