Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Five: Newlywed Game, Chaperone, a birthday

Happy Friday everyone!  Next week is spring break for us.  We don't have any definitive plans, but hoping we have some fun.

5 Thoughts

1. Friday night we had a fun dinner with the Bishopric members from my ward, or congregation.  We played the Newlywed Game and Eric and I won.. I am pretty sure we have won every time we have played that game.

2. I chaperoned Alex's field trip to the LA Science Center this week.  It was fun and I managed not to lose any of the kids in my group, so a win!

3. The weather finally got so nice again this week.  I ate my lunch outside on the porch swing the other day as it was just so nice I couldn't be inside the whole day.

4. We had fun celebrating Eric's birthday, he opened his presents, we went out to dinner to Dickey's and then came home for cake.  It was a simple but nice night.

5. Ryder had his 1st grade performance last night; it is the same performance my older two kids did, but still so fun and cute to watch.  I did not take one picture during it though... we were in the back and I didn't bring my "real" camera, as I was a genius who thought it would be a good idea to get a bunch of pictures off of it 5 minutes before we had to leave.  It wasn't done, so cell phone it was. I did take one video though.

5 Pictures
Our dinner Friday night
photo shoot
Photo shoot time! And wow I need to clean my view finder
Sister Missionary
This Sister Missionary is about to head home, we will miss her
girl scout cookie cereal
Anyone else try these?
birthday cake
Birthday Cake

What are your weekend plans?

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