Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Five: Eclipse, Vacation and Family

Happy Friday everyone!  Here is what happened in my week.

5 Thoughts

1. This last weekend we did our yearly trip to Big Bear.  It was a bit different this year as we didn't go up there until Saturday, but it was still a wonderful weekend and a tradition we will definitely keep doing.

2. Alex had a couple of soccer scrimmages this past week.  Soccer season will begin here soon.  She has been playing so good at keeper lately.

3. I made myself a viewing box to go watch the eclipse; really wishing I would have bought some glasses as it was just kind of underwhelming that way.  It did make some cool shadows though.

4. My kids are finishing their third week of school!  I cannot believe how quickly it is already going.  Luckily this year, Lucas' teachers are both not proponents of lots of homework. So far he has been able to finish almost everything in class and has had only one or two quick homework assignments.  Totally the way it should be!

5. I am almost caught up on photo shoot editing-- just in time to have another newborn shoot and a family beach vacation shoot... starting to get to the busy season for photography.

5 Pictures
grizzly bear

kissing bridge


eclipse shadows
During and after eclipse shadows
surprise birthday lunch
Surprise birthday lunch for a friend

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