Monday, April 30, 2018

The Glamorous Life of a Mediocre Midwife

I love reading and do it a lot.  Often I can predict the entire plot right from the start,  when I find a book that throws me for some loops I love it!   I was recently given a copy of The Glamorous Life of a Mediocre Midwife by Crissy Sharp, which took me on a ride that I loved!

The Book 

Lotty Brooks’ days consist of avoiding thoughts of her failing marriage, changing diapers, and trying not to eat chocolate brioche for breakfast and lunch. However, everything changes when her perfect, lakeside Montana neighborhood begins bustling with crime and she seems to be the target. 

Jason Brooks wants to know what happened to the woman he married. Lotty’s a mere shell of her former self. When she becomes the focal point of neighborhood threats, and the town seems to question her innocence, he must decide how well he knows his wife. 

As Jason and Lotty try to get to the bottom of the threats and find those responsible, they’ll need to remember what they once loved about each other. Otherwise, they may lose everything and everyone they care about.

My Review
  Lotty's life is falling apart and now their once quiet neighborhood has become overrun with crime, much of which points right back to Lotty.   The book takes you for a ride with great twists and turns as Lotty tries to prove her innocence and decide if her marriage is worth saving.  
   I got sucked into the book very quickly and immediately found myself pulling for Lotty and her husband, wanting things to work out.  The book continued at a fast pace and surprised me with twists I did not expect or predict, which I love when a book can do that! 
   The book is what I call a clean book- free from graphic imagery and language.  If you love a good clean murder mystery with relatable real characters, then I definitely recommend this book.  This book made my "Can't Put Down" list.

The Author

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