Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Five: Cub Scouts, Screen Time and the Summer

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have some fun plans for Memorial Day weekend.  Here is my week recapped in 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

5 Thoughts

1. One week!  My kids have one week of school left, well technically not even a full week since Monday is a holiday.  I cannot believe this school year is almost over.  Yesterday would have been their last day if we were still in California.  I have felt a little sad looking at all of the end of the year parties and 5th grade graduation pictures, I have felt sad for what Alex is missing out on.

2. This week Ryder had his first Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts.  I got the badges off of Lucas old uniform just in time, though it might still have this troop number from California.  He is actually really excited about Scouts.

3. This week I have been editing a lot of pictures, I almost have the newborn session finished that I took last week.  I definitely plan on finishing it today.   Then just to update my website and all of that fun stuff.

4. Alex had her last soccer game of the spring season last Saturday.  They lost, but she played amazing the last little bit when she was put in at keeper.  After we had at team party, it was fun and I think we will be good sticking with this team this fall.

5. We are going to be starting a new screen time policy this summer, otherwise I know some of my kids could waste away the entire summer if I let them.  They can have screen time in the morning while I am sleeping in, I love having older kids, and then after that there will be a checklist of things they have to do before having any more screen time for the day.  My SIL does this, and definitely taking some inspiration from her.

5 Pictures
silly boys


editing newborn pictures

Stormy sky

Cub Scout Pack Meeting


  1. Oh I love the idea of limiting screen time to in the morning while you sleep in. That is truly brilliant for the summer! My son has a tendency to wake up around 6 a.m. year round and being able to get in an extra few minutes of sleep would be amazing.

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