Friday, June 25, 2010

Keeping a Secret

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Asking kids to keep a secret is well sometimes a futile cause. So when holidays such as Father's Day come around I try and prep the kids on keeping a secret and why we shouldn't tell daddy as much as possible.

Then when they say things like, "your present is made of plastic and it flies" you wonder if they listened. Luckily this clue was not given until minutes before he opened the present on Father's Day.

So when I wanted to take pictures of all three kids to surprise Eric with for Father's Day I never thought he would not find out.

I set up all my backdrops, spent the morning taking pictures and then hurried and got it all put away ten minutes before Eric got home (I work well under pressure).

Then throughout the day and week I just braced myself for the kids to slip up. But they didn't! The one that almost slipped up many many times, well it was me. I was so excited how the pictures turned out that I just wanted to show Eric.

But we made it to Father's day and last Sunday not only did he get the plastic thing that flies (an Air Hog Helicopter) but he got a collage with some of the pictures from our shoot. And here are a few of my favorites.

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  1. Oooh! I bet he loved it. Those are beautiful. The one with Lucas in the chair holding Ryder and Alex behind, I think is my favorite.

  2. I can totally tell where you are coming from. Only my son doesn't give hints he just comes right out and tells his dad what he is getting. He already slipped and told his sister her gift for her b-day next month... so much for the surprise!

    The pictures are cute! I bet your husband loves them!

  3. These are so beautiful! what a cute family

  4. Very cute pictures. My girls can keep secrets fairly well, but we have had some slip ups :)

  5. Wow, your shots turned out amazing! Good job getting the kiddos to look at the camera.

    One of the things I gave my DH for Father's Day was a coffee cup with my boys' pictures on it. Several times leading up to the day I had to cough loudly when Sprout decided to talk about daddy's "Coffee Cup!"

  6. Holy Cow! Those pictures are so amazing. YOu did such a great job. The last one is my absolute favorite, but I totally am in love with all of them! Wow. I can just imagine how thrilled you were with how these turned out!!!!

    And weird, but I never read about that giveaway. It never showed up on my googlereader . . . I wonder if I've missed any others?

  7. Oh, those DID turn out great. Good job!! I bet the hubby was so happy.

  8. I loved them all, but the last one's definitely my favorite. We are desperately in need of new family pics. You travel to Texas, right?

  9. Those pictures are absolutely and totally awesome.

  10. Awwww...I had to look twice to see it that was a real baby. He's so teeny tiny and cute!!! Your photographs are phenomenal. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting on my beauty is post.

  11. Oh Emmy! Those are SOOOOOOO beautiful! I hate to pic a fave but the one of the two boys laying down is just too precious! What a great father's day present.

  12. Those photos are amazing!!! I love them in the B&W and sepia.

    And I remember once we were supposed to keep my mom's Christmas present a secret and my little brother blurted out (as soon as we got home): "We did NOT buy you knives for Christmas." (Of course, we had.)

  13. My son is good at secrets but my daughter...not so much!

    These photos are gorgeous! You have a beautiful family. An you are an amazing photographer.

  14. Emmy,
    These are amazing photographs. I love how you've captured their beautiful eyes and the sweet moments of holding Ryder. I agree with Heather, the one of Lucas and Ryder is outstanding. I bet Eric loved his gifts.

  15. These are SO adorable! Someday, somehow I'm going to have you take pictures of my kids!