Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I Want in a Man

Father's Day came and went and I did not say a thing.. I am lame; or totally busy with a newborn, one of the two. But at any rate I was feeling a bit bad, so when I saw MamaKat's writing prompt of 50 Things I look for in a Man, I knew I had to do this, as well I think I have a pretty good man.
Mama Kat's Writing Workshop

But as I was thinking about it I decided I am going to break the rules a bit (Jenners does it) and start with things I do not want

What I don't want (i.e sadly real reasons I broke up with different guys) someone who:
1. is completely possessive- only happy if I would sit and talk only with him
2. told me (or tried to tell me) what I should and should not wear
3. cries more than I do
4. uses his arrogance and "education" to tell me I am doing things wrong, i.e. I was not chopping vegetables correctly
5. Speaks English horribly, i.e. Telling me his "feets hurt"
6. Wants a career that won't be able to support me staying at home

What I don't want (why I did not date different guys) someone who:
1. is shorter than me
2. cries more than I do (one cry baby guy was enough)
3. has stalking tendencies which freaked me out
4. has a reputation for being way too physical
5. does not respect my religious beliefs
6. his brothers annoy the heck out of me
7. throws a fit like a baby and gets angry when he loses
8. Sports and games are his life

Since life and some strange guys have taught me what I don't want, here is what I want:

I want a Man Who:
1. Loves me for who I am, imperfections and all
2. Supports me in what I want, i.e. being a stay at home mom
3. Works hard and is honest in his work
4. Is a great beyond amazing father
5. Is taller than me and could protect me if needed
6. Makes me laugh
7. Helps around the home and even cleans the bathroom
8. Loves God and helps our children learn of Him also
9. Is someone I am physically attracted to
10. Is smart and responsible financially
11. Supports me in my role of a mom AND in my hobbies

And well did I mention the list of wants isn't just random; it is a description of this guy:
Sorry ladies he's taken-it's my husband

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  1. Sounds like you've got a good one! I hear you about what you don't/didn't want - threw a few back for the same reasons! I still have to do a Father's Day post as well. Hope all is well with the baby!

  2. How sweet. I agree with Laura Lynn, sounds like you got yourself a good one!!

  3. Well that sweet post just made up for Father's Day neglect, I am sure. What a wonderful tribute! You certainly are lucky.

  4. Awwwww...glad you got yourself a terrific guy! :)

  5. Wonderful lists and a great photo. Happy belated Father's Day to youe family!

  6. And isn't it great when you can say that the things you want are just what you have!

  7. Ummm....that's ok can have him...being that he is my cousin and all. Hahaha. Love this post! Especially the what you DON'T want. All young women should see this list...and then follow it up with the one of WANT.

  8. Aww, that is such an adorable post...what a nice tribute to your hubby!

    BTW, it's ME! I've been gone and now I have a new blog.

    I've been reading your blog the whole time through the baby's birth. So glad you and baby are doing good!

  9. Totally agree - I dated a guy 4" shorter than me and I HATED it. At a wedding, the photographer made him stand on a step. It was embarrassing.

    Hubby's a cutie!!

  10. You guys are the sweetest family. What a blessing to have a devoted, loving and intelligent husband. Your happiness as a couple benefits the world by the example of love you share. P.S. thank you for your comments and for the tip about Picasa...I'm delighted with that!

  11. Its good to break the rules sometimes! I dated a guy (two dates) who thought that since I taught ornamental horticulture to high school students my ideal date would be to go to a nursery and discuss the latin names of all the plants. Um no! I didn't even know them and he was so disappointed, he decided he was going to teach them all to me. Sorry guy we're done!

  12. Sounds like your hubs is a great guy!

  13. I'm happy to encourage you in your rule-breaking ... and I love your lists! Sounds like we may have dated some of the same guys before we found our Mr. Right!