Monday, September 13, 2010

The Status Quote!

It's here! The debut of The Status Quote!
Emmy Mom

On Facebook you will get those that tell you everything you are doing, others who just post, those who tell you what their opinion is.. on everything; those that only play Farmville and some who say things simply to get you to laugh. And sometimes, sometimes there are just those wonderful gems that are worth sharing with everyone.

Here are just a few of my favorites.
  • "So...I was clipping my toenails and one hit me IN THE EYE. Seriously. Is it possible to be accident-prone while grooming?" --this is one I totally wish there was a video of
  • "As if Cocoa Krispies, Crunch Berries, et al. weren't enough, now there are Pop-Tarts in the office kitchen...THAT'S what I needed. I can feel the pounds flying off already."-- Pop Tarts would totally be my down fall too... mmmm fruit filled cardboard.
  • "ugh...who ever said the terrible twos were awful never met my almost 4 year old...I might form a drinking problem"--this was not my status but it could have been
  • "Potty training is degrading for all parties involved, said the lady that was holding her 3 year old down on the toilet while saying, "let the poo-poo out! It wants to go swimming!" while the child screamed."--I just laughed and laughed and laughed when I read this one.
  • “Love waking up to snuggling little ones and crisp fall weather, and a little laughter, too when my son climbed under the covers and told me...’you're as warm as a buffalo in the sun’. =) gee, thanks?”--gotta love the compliments kids give
And well- the following, I will admit it, the rest of the status updates, were all mine.
  • “Alex spilled her skittles all over the floor, so I ask her to quick pick them up since the floor is dirty. She quickly starts picking them up...with her feet”
  • “If I had to write a list of my favorite things; being up most of the night would not make the list.”
  • “Good thing school starts tomorrow; my kids are fighting over a piece of paper.”
  • “On my second load of laundry, just got done over-hauling Alex's room and about to tackle Lucas'. Someone must have slipped something into my cereal...or it was that big piece of chocolate cake I ate after breakfast.”
So write your list, grab the cute button that Lourie made and link up!


  1. Man you found some good ones!! hahaha. And the potty training one is every mom on the planet! Hahaha.

  2. Thanks for sharing - this was just what I needed this morning :)

  3. The potty-training one totally cracked me up!

  4. I am planning to link up with this. It may have to wait until tomorrow, but it shall come! I really LOVE this idea!

  5. Ack. I've done the poop swimming thing before. Gah!

  6.! For this alone, I may think about facebooking... and then I remember I have a hard enough time keeping my blog up to date. Nevermind, I will just laugh my self silly reading the Status Quote. By the way, love the name. Very witty.

  7. I need to do this one! I forgot to this week-are you doing it every week?

    I am flattered that one of mine was included :) That did end up working on a later date, btw. Yay for poo poo in the potty!