Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Other Self

Okay before I jump into today's post, I am going to beg here. Remember the Tootsie Roll Video I made here? Well I am a finalist (as is everyone else who entered) and so now I need your vote!

All you have to do is go to Sami's blog by clicking here, and vote for me by clicking Emmy Mom in the poll on the side bar. Voting only goes through the 30th, so please! Pretty please, it will only take you a second.

Okay you back from voting? Am I winning still?

Now back to the regularly scheduled post.......

Let me begin by saying everything in my blog is honest and true....just sometimes a bit.... censored.

Sometimes I wish I blogged anonymously. Not because of my kids or for safety reasons but because everyone I know reads my blog. (please keep reading I am so so so glad you do!)

There have been times were I have wanted to blog about things, like the funny little smile two different people I know get when I raise my shirt, one of them being a very small person...but well I got the kibosh drawn on that idea. Or the time when I wanted to say something about a certain adult but a wise person informed me that while that adult probably does not read my blog lots of people that know that person do.

When I comment on other blogs I find myself restraining a little less and saying things that I might be afraid to say here. After all my dad doesn't read my comments on other people's blogs, love ya Dad!

I find myself fighting to keep that sarcastic/rebellious self in check. But you know it is probably good that this is read by many I know, as that other side needs to be kept in check. As really if I truly stop and think about it, that is not who I want to be. I want to be the good, loving, wholesome mom you all seem to think of me as.

So I hope you stick with me while I try and learn to be my best self. (Oh and in my mind I am totally laughing at that gym-locker type joke...and probably have my own I want to share.)


  1. You're great Em! I love ya!!! And I voted for you too!!! ;)

  2. I've actually been trying to decide lately if I want to share my blog with everyone I know, because I can't be the read "uncensored" me if I do... hmm... well, anyway, I voted! lol. (And you aren't alone on the innapropriate jokes... I bite my tongue frequently!)

  3. My real me is much less censored than my blog is. I walk a fine line with everything I post on my blog. There are days that I just want to freaking explode on my blog, but I can't.

  4. Oh times have come and gone when I wish I was anonymous! But like you, I have people who know me that read me. Of course in comments I am less restrained. Is that good or bad? I don't know. Hahaha. I try to live up to the image people say I have. Then I just laugh. :P You on the other hand are definitely the kind hearted woman we know and read!

  5. Ah, the constant battle of the natural man. Good luck with it. Though I do know what you mean, there have been many times I wanted to blog about something hilarious, but couldn't as it might offend, or make someone feel uncomfortable. Good for you for trying to keep that in check!

  6. Your video was totally cute and I voted for you.

    And I totally understand where you are coming from because sometimes I too wished that I blogged anonymously or at the very least didn't tell my family about it it. But I say, whatever. If there is something that someone might not life and I want to blog about it, I talk to the person first and give them a heads up its coming.

  7. Girl. You are me. I am you.
    How does that make you feel? Like you need to diet?? Me too.
    I don't cuss on my blog, but sometimes I'll drop a naughty word in comments. It's weird.

  8. I totally get what you are saying. There are things I have wanted to blog about, like actually wrote up the entire post, but then stop short of hitting publish because I had doubts.

    It's hard because when you have an opinion you want to share, but yet you dont' want to offend anyone, what do you do?

    In the end, you are right. I don't want to put anything out there that isn't the true me like a rant or something just because I'm in a bad mood.

    Just keep being yourself! :-)

    Oh, and I voted for you. You are in the lead!

  9. I voted for you and two other bloggers that I know. Good luck!

    I actually deleted my blog a while back because I hated my family reading it. My mom would say things telling me not to talk about certain things or family members. I could not stand it. When I came back, I did so without telling family and I can write anything I want. I love the freedom!

  10. YES! I am exactly the same way . . . everyone I know reads my blog. For a while I had refuge in facebook because my parents weren't on it. That only lasted a year. Haha. But like you said, not that you want to be a pollyanna, but dwelling on the negative isn't who you want to be. Btw, if I ever really want to dish on ppl who bug me I write a post and then save as a draft. Then when I print my book (my journal) I include it but "everyone" didn't see it online.

  11. I totally get you! Sometimes I want to rant and rave, but then I think... my mother-in-law reads my blog! So I tone it down.

    P.S. I voted for you.

    p.p.s. Did the Shabby Apple rep contact you yet about the dress you won? Just checking!

  12. My mom reads my blog and I'm still a snarky witch. When you get in the mood, come see me.

  13. I voted for you!

    And yes, I have things I would like to write about that I can't. Frequently. So frustrating. Good luck to both of us!

  14. I think we all have a bit of ourselves that we hold back while blogging ... especially if we are being read by people we know or are not totally anonymous. But I still thing the essential part of ourselves comes through.

  15. I do the same thing, especially since I announced that I had a blog on Facebook. I had so many stories to tell from when my SIL was here to visit us, but I couldn't tell them, because she reads my blog. Grrrrr!

  16. There have been things that have happened over the last year and half around our house that I would love to blog about but couldnt because I was afraid of offending someone. And there are a million stories I could tell about my in laws that I dont because I made the mistake of telling my MIL I have a blog...and though I dont even know if she reads and if she does it isnt often but since I dont really know, I cant talk about her!!!

  17. I voted for you too!

    I totally understand what you mean I censor too. Apparently my blog is in my neighbor's face and I do certain things for the sake of the blog. What? Just living life, you don't HAVE to read.

    I have enjoyed getting to know you the last few months your post are always a good read!

  18. Yep, I totally understand, there are times I want to vent on my blog and just don't because I know who reads it!