Friday, July 29, 2011

Major Parental Fail

Let's face it, being a parent can be and often is very hard.

Starting with when they are infants and you just can't figure out why they are crying.

To when they are toddlers and they have their first good spill and you somehow feel responsible.

To trying to figure out how to talk to them about being safe and strangers. Too much, they are paranoid scared children, too little and they could get hurt.

To figuring out if you should do preschool or day care and which one is best.

To just dealing with their attitudes, their whining and somehow trying to develop patience that you never knew you had.

It can just be downright hard.

And then moments happen that make you realize you failed.

How could you have failed to teach them that??

How is it going to impact them since they did not know??

Will they be okay in the end??

On Thursday, one of those huge failures was brought to Eric's and my attention.

We hung our heads in shame and hurried and tried to remedy it, hoping it wasn't too late.

It was touch and go... but well I think we will be okay now.

Our kids did not know what Rootbeer floats were!!
I hope they can forgive us!!


  1. Ha!! it's funny that you posted about a parental failure, as I did too. Only mine was really a failure. :-(

    I don't know if my kids have had root beer floats before. I would think no. Hmm. I personally like them with orange pop.

  2. I'm pretty sure the moment they tasted them, all was forgiven!

  3. Cute! Grace just had a Pop Tart for the first time last week. We are horrible mothers :)

  4. That's pretty funny Em. And one I'm wanting one.

  5. That is a fail. Glad you were able to show them the right stuff. lol!

    Now that sounds all sorts of yummy.

  6. Hey, if that's your biggest fail, I think you guys are doing pretty awesome ;)
    P.S. I'm pretty sure they'll forgive you.

  7. Ha! I thought you really were going to own up to some major fail! Love rootbeer floats, I think I may just get some ice cream and root beer on my way home from work today!

  8. At least your kids tried them! Mine wouldn't even give them a second glance. And sadly they KNOW what a root beer float is. They clearly were abducted by aliens.

  9. This is so almost unforgivable!

    I'm sure though, that when the sugar kicked in, they were just fine!

    Cute post!

  10. I agree parenting is hard although rewarding.
    thanks for visiting my blog

  11. Haha! Cute post! Those are a family favorite over here!!!!!!

  12. Hee hee! I love your girlie's expression - that is priceless!

  13. My kids still don't know what Root Beer floats are. I am saving it for an entire day that they do not argue. Still waiting...

  14. I was thinking this was some big giant horrible thing and then I laughed out loud. My son doesn't know what one is either so I'm a failure as a parent too!!

  15. Mmm. I love root beer floats.

    My son is strange and doesn't like them.

  16. *Gasp* Not to know what rootbeer floats are? Wow, But they sure look like they are enjoying, so I think you are in the clear.

  17. Henry and Wyatt just had their first float after a soccer game, not even provided by us! Now I'm hanging my head in shame, lol!

  18. LOL! I'm sure all is forgiven now. But they might be demanding floats for a long time!

  19. I'm glad to see you are trying to make things right ;)