Thursday, July 28, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Seating Arrangements

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Every Friday we go out to eat- hey, this momma is tired of cooking by the end of the week. Last week we were driving around trying to decide where to go- Eric and I both wanting a step up from fast food. The kids saw Rubio's and voted for that- mostly because every time we have gone they have gotten a balloon. We warned them that on a Friday night we may have to wait. They agreed to be on their best behavior.

We entered the restaurant and were happy to hear there was only a five minute wait. Both kids immediately asked for balloons. "but how are you going to eat with them?" we asked? They assured us they would be able to.

After a few minutes they led us to our booth. Lucas quickly scooted in and so I asked Alex to come sit by me.
"But I want to sit by Daddy." she whined in her normal Alex voice-i.e. loud enough for the surrounding four tables to hear us.
"Alex you sat by Daddy last time, it is Lucas turn." I tried to reason feeling like the black sheep.
"No! I want to sit by Daddy!" She now wailed the redness of my face increasing correspondingly with her volume.
"Alex! Stop now or you do not get to go out to eat next time."
"But I want too!"
"I'll sit by you." Lucas volunteered.
Alex smugly sat down next to Eric.
I thanked Lucas for being a peacemaker and assured Alex that next time she would be sitting by me. As yes, it is such punishment having to sit by mom.

What is your PMM this week?


  1. My kids do that all the time. I always feel like such a heel. Grr.

  2. awww he is a little peacemaker!! very cool he's learning that early:)

  3. Oh yes, I remember sibling moments such as this ... and that red face of my mother! Such a sweet peacemaker!

  4. LOL..yeah..I totally understand this! With five kids..this happens alot..the competition..compromise.. thing. I love that.
    Thank you for popping by..printing your blog..I looooove that!!!
    Things are good..Jim is working in Wyoming now..which is weird..but the money is wonderful. I am basically now a single parent..sigh. I am going back to finish my BA in the excited and a little skeert too LOL. Kids are good..and I am trying to figure out where the heck summer went already!! So good to hear from are things with you??
    Hugs, Sarah

  5. Way to go Lucas!! He really is growing up. :)

  6. sweet of Lucas. I'm sure it's not a punishment to sit by you. They probably see you more than daddy. Am I right? I love that you go out to eat every Friday. I bet everyone looks forward to that!

  7. I sometimes wish my kids would fight about sitting by Todd. They always seem to cry if they can't sit by me. Funny how kids are. As if across is so much worse than next to. :)

    And I finally liked to Ten Things!!

  8. Ouch. My kids aren't old enough to do this yet, but in the baby stages they both always wanted me. Mags is still here. SO I figure it will be payback.

  9. Ha! Nice. Very nice. Gotta love when the kids who you pour your heart and soul into, give up hot meals for, forego bathroom privacy, and give up the ability to watch a movie from beginning to end for love you so much that they won't sit next to you in public. Bwhahahahahahaha. That's OK, you can take it out of her inheritance when she's older. :)

  10. I'm soooo glad it' snot just me. Do I have cooties or something?

  11. What a sweetheart! I mean, Lucas. Alex I think knew how to work the crowd, no? Seems like the volume and language choice becomes ultra important in public, ha! :)

  12. That sounds like something that would happen in our family!

  13. Oh, you poor thing! I hate feeling like I am the punishment.