Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About

I totally forgot to give anyone a heads up- so I hope you still come and play along. It is the Tuesday closet to the end of the month-so it is time for Ten Things to Smile About. This is my monthly meme where you can take the chance to look back and reflect on the things that made you smile during the month.

The linkey will be OPEN ALL WEEK! So if you didn't get your list done today, as I was a bad blogger and forgot to remind you all, then please write it any time this week and link up.
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Ten Things to Smile About-July

1. Cruising the harbor with my parents....even if our boat did die halfway through
2. This picture--yep makes me smile every time3. Having my parents here to help us get all moved in

4. Trips to the beach

5. Getting yet another great sleeping picture of Alex...she is her daddy's daughter
6. Celebrating our Country's birthday
7. Utah..Utah...Utah-- so so much fun with family

8. Putting my camera to good work doing a photo shoot of my daughter and nieces
9. Finally just having some lazy summer days

10. And these... though it almost makes me not smile now as I really want some more!!
What made you smile this month?
Remember you can link up all week!!


  1. Adore that shot of your daughter sleeping... that is too funny (and made me smile too!)

  2. Um, can I have a donut?

    Great pics. :)

  3. Hahaha, Alex will sleep anywhere. I wish I could. haha.

    Those doughnuts do look tasty!

  4. LOVE the sprinkle photo with Alex. That is awesome and I hope it finds a frame and a place on your wall.

  5. I love your photos!! Esp. the water one! :)
    Those donuts look divine!!!!

  6. That sprinkler shot is awesomeness! How can you *not* smile looking at that!

    And the donuts...

  7. GREAT pictures! I now want some donuts ;)

  8. Such gorgeous pics.

    I think it would be okay to have donuts for dinner, wouldn't it???

  9. Love that picture of Alex in the water!!! :)

  10. love the sprinkler picture and a great top ten list

  11. I always love the ten things to make me smile link up! If I weren't so far behind due to my three weeks of vacation I would have done this too...it always makes me happy! Next time.

    Great list though, love the sprinkler photo and those donuts are amazing!

  12. I got all distracted by the donuts!!!! But I do remember the super duper cute photos of Alex. The sprinkler one is the BEST!!

    By the way, I'm just back from vacation and getting caught up with blogs. I'm only leaving one comment for everyone but reading all your posts. I figure less commenting will help me catch up faster. Thanks for understanding.

  13. OMG! The sprinkler shot is fantastic!
    I need to go to the donut place next time we are in UT!!!

  14. Your July looks fantastic! Loved all the stories and photos from the month! Seriously, you have the cutest kids!

  15. I love your lists. They make me smile. Alex is crazy with her sleep habits.