Thursday, August 18, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Who's The Mom

It's Thursday- that means it is time for Proud Mommy Moments. This is your chance to brag about your kids and tell us those awesome things they have done or tell us the times that make you oh so "proud"- but hey at least it gives us all a good laugh.

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This week I have a duel PMM- duel meaning two different kids and one is a proud moment and the other is "proud", you be the judge of which you think it is.

Moment #1: Ryder is continuing to grow and learn new things every day. He definitely seems to understand just about everything but he still isn't saying much. I know he is fine, but at times I can't help but worry, espeically since he was born 8 weeks early. So this last weekend as I was making breakfast he was ready to eat and was not wanting to wait anymore. I grabbed a cereal box which may have been something super healthy like Cookie Crisp and gave him a piece of cereal. He happily ate it and then came over pointing to the box and grunting.

"Do you want more?" I asked.
He then signed the word more for the first time ever. I have been teaching him this for a while but he has never done it before.
Needless to say I gave him more, and well he ended up having a lot as he was really taking advantage of how proud I was.

taking with my phone on instagram-
are you on instagram? I think it might be my new thing- well that and pintrest.

Moment #2: After I dropped Alex off at preschool on Tuesday I decided to take advantage of having only one helper and went shopping. Ryder and I went to Michael's and got some supplies for the super awesome craft that Alex and I made yesterday (which I will tell you all about next week). Then we went to Ross as I needed some weights for the workout class I am attending three days a week now. And well, as it always goes, I ended up with more than just weights from Ross. One of the extra things I picked up were some new hand towels for the downstairs bathroom.

When the kids got home from school Lucas commented about the new towels.
"When did you get new towels?" Alex distraughtly questioned.
"Today at the store when I was shopping." I responded
"You went shopping today!? Why didn't you tell me." Alex huffed.
I paused.... how do I answer this.
"Um, well you know now, after I dropped you off I went shopping."
"Okay, well next time make sure you tell me."
Wait a minute, last time I checked I was the mother right?

What are your PMM this week? And remember dad's, aunts, uncles, grandma's, grandpas, etc can participate too!


  1. Those are some good mommy moments. :)

  2. I liked both of those stories! And my oldest used to get "mad" when the youngest and I did things without her knowing. I finally asked her if she would prefer to find out after we'd done them or let her know that morning what we were going to do. She said she'd rather know in advance, so I started telling her and now she doesn't get upset about it anymore because she's "in the know." Kids!

  3. Two very fun stories! Alex cracks me up.

  4. HA! Very good, you definitely have rights to being a proud mommy!!

  5. Great mommy moments to remember.. the "more" sign is so stinkin cute!! I bet he uses it a bagillion times now! My daughter has nailed it and has a full plate of stuff and makes the sign... we're looking at each other wondering-- What does she want MORE of? We have no idea.. but she wants MORE.. hah

  6. Ryder's vocabulary is awesome. The words will come. Alex is funny. She wants to know where you are...comfort thing and more importantly...hey now no fun with out me. hahaha. Too funny. :)

  7. I love the sign for "more." Buster did the more sign and the please sign for a really long time...way past when he could talk. He would do the sign and say the word. So cute.

    Alex cracks me up. Love her.

  8. Ahhh! I just can't get past the cuteness of that picture!!!

  9. You are going to be very glad you taught him to sign. My girls were 8 weeks early, they are WAY ahead of the curve on everything. Don't worry. Enjoy.

  10. LB JUST started signing for hungry and sort of more! It's so wonderful! You almost think that you're doing it all for nothing.. and then BAM! They do it! :)

  11. Cracking up at having to clear your shopping with your kids.

    I love instagram. I'm shellthings on there. Find me. :) Or tell me your username and I'll find you.

    Not in a stalker way.

  12. Way to go Ryder!!!! We did baby sign with both Lula Mae and Jayce. What a life saver! It is so nice to be able to communicate even without words. Don't worry, Jayce is not "talking" either. Lula Mae was very verbal at 12 months so I was worried Jayce was behind.... then I realized they all are different. If he is showing signs to progression, he is totally fine. I know you know that already though ;-) Give that sweet boy time.

    And how could you forget to tell that little diva exactly what you were going to do while you were without her? Now you know that you have to tell her EVERYTHING. I have to do the same with Lula Mae.... we call her "nosella"... she just so darn nosy!!!

  13. Ryder looks so big in that photo! And as usual, Alex cracks me up!

    Good stories!

  14. I can't believe I haven't been to your blog in forever! Did you miss me :)

    Thanks for stopping by mine :) Also, your kids? Totally cute.

    The other day, mine was all, "Stop following me!"

    "Well, honey, I have to follow you. We're both going up stairs. "

    "Oh, okay, Mommy."

    Love it.

  15. So cute! I get in trouble for shopping without my oldest too. Unless I bring something home for him, that is! Hee

  16. You THINK you're the mom … but the kids are in charge, right? That has been my experience so far!

    And I'm sure Ryder will talk soon. I worried the same wy about my Little One … and now I wish he would just be quiet somtimes!

  17. Ryder signing MORE is definitely video worthy :) I bet it is the cutest thing ever!

    And I love Alex's reaction to the shopping thing... funny how kids are!